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Meet Aditi, BAME Officer

This year Aditi, the BAME Officer, is focusing on three main projects, improving campus maintenance, introducing a BAME mentors scheme in Global Studies and working on creating a BAME-focused role in the counselling service. 

‘I think [focusing on these issues] stems from me being an international student and these services being hard to access, if you factor into that the intersection between being an international and BAME student it makes it almost impossible. Being in another country and trying to figure out services for mental health and academic support is hard, especially if there is little support in place. The time you spend running about means you lose valuable time where you could be working on things you need to. Without the support it’s hard to live a happy, healthy life. I’m trying to provide support for students like me who fall through the gaps.’

As well as her role as a part-time Officer Aditi is also a Student Rep in Global Studies.

‘I’ve attended meetings and these issues are coming to me so often. I’m quite lucky that i might not need them as much as other students, but I can imagine it must be so hard for those students that do.’ 

As part of bid to improve campus maintenance Aditi has set up this Facebook group to share things that need fixing or might be an accessibility issue. She will also be hosting a series of forums to hear students’ views on the proposed mentoring scheme and counselling service role. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, make sure to add Aditi on Facebook to keep up with her work. 



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