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Winners! | Love Your Neighbourhood Competition

Group of students from Roots sitting in the Roots garden Some of the Roots team

We asked student groups to let us know how they’d spend £500 to improve their campus (our favourite neighbourhood!) and had some incredible submissions. The winning project will be funded by the Southern Co-operative’s ‘Love Your Neighbourhood’ scheme, which aims to help make communities healthier, safer, greener and/or more inclusive. 

Winner: SUSSEX ROOTS (55% of votes)

Roots is an incredible example of the community spirit that the Love Your Neighbourhood scheme seeks to support. We’re so excited to see how this project can bring people together whilst supporting greener spaces on campus! 

About Roots - in their own words:

'Roots is a community based, organic, no-dig gardening project. We come together to grow food, socialize, have an outside therapeutic space, and create space for wildlife. Everyone is welcome to our sessions or use the allotment space and fire pit. There is no cost for members and people can come to work or spend time in a peaceful space.
Volunteers are part of a supportive community; we share the produce we grow, providing healthy organic food as well as gardening promoting good mental health. The experience of working with roots provides skills for when volunteers leave in organic gardening and DIY skills. Roots actively creates a healthier community for people and nature.
We have sustained Roots on very little money using our DIY attitude, events such as Seedy Sunday where we swap our saved seeds and making compost. Almost every structure on the allotment is recycled and repurposed! £500 could be transformative for Roots! We could get equipment such as a hot composting bin which would allow us to compost faster and a wider variety of waste (putting nutrients back to the soil rather than landfill!). We could also set up a vermiculture (earthworms!) bin which will help us to improve our soil quality, sequester more carbon, and grow more! Perhaps most importantly, we could buy or build a shelter for our social space, encouraging people to come at all times of the year and in rain as well as have more opportunity to hold events for the wider Sussex community!'

Runner-up: LEAVE NO TRACE (38% of votes)

Leave No Trace is a new society that’s helping Sussex students be more environmentally minded by providing facilities to recycle difficult products. Keep up the great work!

Thank you to everyone who voted and took part, and the amazing community projects that were put forward, we hope to  be able to offer this competition in partnership with The Southern Co-operative again in the future. 


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