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Introducing, The Loop

The Union has introduced a straightforward and easy to use feedback system for Sussex students to tell us what is and isn’t going well at Sussex. No one knows Sussex better than those at Sussex, so you’re the expert. Gone are the days where you have to fill out survey on survey to tell us how you feel, The Loop is a simple feedback mechanism.


As you go along the pages, you’ll be asked for basics such as your name and which course you’re on. You’ll then get the chance to fill out what you do like, and say what this relates to, for example you could be complimenting the feedback you’ve been getting on your assignments. You’ll also be asked about what really isn’t working for you- this could be anything from resources on campus, transport or hidden costs at uni. After this, can suggest changes that you would like to see introduced at Sussex. Remember, the feedback you give goes directly to the relevant department as well as your Student Rep, but your name is anonymised, so no need to worry about that!

Access the Loop here!


Here’s a link to a short video on how it works: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GqRPgEBtL7dQjrZRhNxIc3YrDkV-RcSk



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