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How your Student Reps can help

There are now over 300 students reps in post!


These Reps are your academic representatives who are here to help with your learning experience at university. Your Student Rep has the position to voice your opinions to the relevant people, ranging from talking to someone about dim lighting in your lecture theatre, to more specific issues such as meeting with University management about providing more study spaces on campus. If you have any academic related issues such as module content, textbooks in the library or assessment feedback,  your first point of contact should be your Student Rep.


Your Student Rep should hold officer hours, so if you did need to discuss something further, just get in touch with them to arrange that. Just login to sussexstudent.com/myrep to find out who your Student Rep is, you will then be shown their preferred method of contact. Alternatively, you could go to sussexstudent.com/theloop to type in any feedback you have, this is also sent to your Student Rep and your feedback is anonymised.



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Elected officers and representatives are elected by you to work within the University and Students' Union to make things better for Sussex students. This could be as part of formal committees, through informal meetings, working on relevant projects and campaigns, and working closely with other officers, members of staff and students.

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The Loop

Each month your full-time officers get together to look at what comments you have submitted to the Loop over the past month. These are categorised into what is going well, what is going less well, and ideas for improvement. This feedback is acted upon: specific comments are sent to the University to inform their service and to take action if necessary.

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