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Green things this year!

The winner of the Go Green Week competitoin on their new electric bike The lucky winner of Bumblebee Bike's electric bike giveaway!


Across all the departments of the Union we have wonderful staff and students who push towards a more sustainable world constantly, so we wanted to do a quick round up of some of this year’s highlights:

  • We hosted the Free Shop in September where 100+ unwanted items were claimed by new students, 30 crates of food were donated to charity and 2 large boxes were donated to the Brighton Women’s Centre.

  • We added bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo bars, recycled toilet roll and tetra-pak waters to the Union Shop.

  • The bars saved 1280Kg of CO2 by increasing the amount of plastic wrap, cups and tetra paks they recycle by 136% between 2017 and 2018!

  • Staff lobbied the Co-Op to change systems at the store so receipts will no longer be automatically printed, which could save approximately 500Kg of paper a year. This will be rolled out some time after Easter

  • Had an amazing Go Green Week which saw a plastic free SKINT, cup free Friday and an electric bike giveaway!

  • Had the Green Centre come to campus to do a “Big Sort” - they take everything from asthma inhalers to watch batteries and find ways to recycle them! You can check out their A-Z of what they recycle here and find them at the Open Market, Thursdays 9-5

  • Hosted a tech takeback event in Falmer House where you could bring your old mobile phones, headphones, games consoles and more in for recycling

  • Spoke with University staff about the splitting of the Health, Safety and Environment Committee into a Sustainability Committee, so sustainability has its own senior decision-making body

What’s next?

With Brexit fast approaching, a new Environment Act is being drafted to ensure we have environmental legislation and a regulatory body to oversee it. This is an amazing opportunity to create legislation even stronger than that from the EU, and provides a chance to create commitments to the restoration of our environment.

We have been speaking with the NUS about collaborating with Brighton S.U. to host a debate about this new Act, and hope to have some exciting speakers: watch this space!

Get in touch with environment@sussexstudent.com if you have any questions


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