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Find out who is running in the Spring Elections

Voting will open at 9am on Monday 4th March until 5pm on Friday 8th March. Results to be announced in the Common Room around 6.30pm.

You will be able to vote online at www.sussexstudent.com/vote or at one of our Polling Booths stationed around campus. You can read the full manifestos online now 

Meet the candidates:



Becky Doran

In the past 8 months as your Activities Officer I’ve worked to make Sussex student lives better and learned a huge amount about how the Union & University works. I've been connected to students, accountable and acted on feedback. So far, I have increased funding, brought back Varsity, discounted gym memberships and created the society of the month award.

If re-elected I will: create an SU app, continue Varsity, make even more steps towards an Athletics Union, create a new reward scheme for student groups, increase funding further, expand personal development opportunities and continue improving students lives at Sussex


Joel Lo Ribeiro




Roxana Vaduva

(no manifesto submitted)


Thabo Chakaka Nyiren

With a background experience in student unionism, I believe I am the most ideal candidate for the position of Activities Officer. I believe in collective teamwork and being attentive to the needs of the students. The position of Activities Officer is a position of trust. I would like to be remembered as someone who optimally pursued the interests of the students and devoted his energy on students’ needs.   If voted, I will ensure that each student all societies receive maximum support. 

Past Positions: Director of Publications, Information and Publicity, Students Union of Chancellor College, General Secretary, Silver Strikers Football Club


Peter Anson

Re-empower societies, communities, and international students.

Hello, I’m Peter Anson; and I am running to be your Activities Officer. For the last four years, there has not been an Activities Officer from a society background, and instead from sports. With over 250 societies, I will re-empower them to be the best they can be, with more money, resources and opportunities. In addition, I will assist student media, which has been sorely neglected. Most importantly, I will empower societies to help international students to make their university experience as free as possible from issues local students do not have to face.



Benjamin Matthews (Running Mates)

Clarity : Solidarity : Community

Working to support Postgraduate students, celebrating our diversity and promoting our interests are the foundations of my campaign. The potential for isolation in the Postgraduate experience, is one of the issues that I would like to address, actively strengthening our community through clarity and dialogue. The financial implications of Postgraduate study are very real and I will passionately campaign to alleviate the stresses that this causes. Representing you both inside and outside of our university. Our community inspires me everyday, and if elected I will listen to you - work with you - support you, and celebrate your successes.


Afreen Begum

Hi, my name is Afreen Begum and I am running to be your next Postgraduate Education Officer. I am from India. I am also a lawyer back home. I am the Law Post Graduate Representative as well as Student Union Councillor for PG Social Sciences along with Democracy and Constitution Committee member and It Committee Rep.

My main agendas are:

  1. Decolonising Sussex Education Curriculum. 

  2. International Student friendly assessment

  3. Separate study spaces for PG student plus napping pods to rest in between studies.

  4. Conduct surveys to give voice to students.

  5. Holding regular one-on-one meetings with students.



Ahmad Joumaa Zabadne

Hi, my name is Ahmad Joumaa Zabadne and I am running for President of the Students’ Union, because I have a clear vision that will improve all aspects of university life. I have experience in leadership and management, as I took many leadership roles in school, such as leading the student council.

If elected I aim to:

  • Introduce wider range of cheaper options for buying groceries and other essentials.

  • Improving transport and accessibility to university by subsidising bus and train tickets

  • Promote sports and activities: create a passionate atmosphere for home games.

  • Improve facilities in lecture halls and classrooms.


Ahmad Mohd Faizil

Let the Q cut the Queue

Greetings and Hello! I'm Ahmad Naquiddin or you can call me Q as in the one from James Bond, 

 I ran for VP Activities back in 2016/17 and I'm back again from the dude that has no manifesto nor even a photo then! Return of the Naq, you may call it. In local politics back in Malaysia I was appointed as one the Executive Officers for International Relations of PKR Youth Setiawangsa. I'm have a liberal outlook in life with much excitement and joy. You've probably seen me dancing on campus. 


Ally Goldberg

Don't complain, make a change!

As your President, I will campaign to make sure that every student at Sussex gets the most out of their experience, by:

- Improving the quality and accessibility of mental health services

- Eliminating core textbook costs

- Protecting vulnerable students with stricter enforcement of anti-discrimination policies

I will ensure that we:

- Put on fun and engaging events (e.g. gigs and club nights) on a regular basis

- Make certain that students at Sussex are given the opportunity to tell the Student Union what you need from us, so we can accurately represent your views - it’s your Union!


Filip Vasilijevic

F(i)lip the table, making voices heard!

As your current Students' Union Council Chairman and Science Representative on the Senate I have always strived to make every voice heard, something I would like to continue to do as your President. I will focus on issues that students care about and I promise to:

  • Make the Students’ Union student centred such as having students choose the deals they want to see in the union bars

  • Create more study spaces on campus and in the library

Have students take an active role in the direction of the University


Jonathan Busby

Buzz for busby is back. I am running for president to ensure student voices are heard, improving student involvement and fighting for a better education for all. Having been a society rep for 2 years and on student union council for three years, I think I have the knowledge to evoke the changes that students want.  I want to improve volunteering at Sussex, improve training for reps and fight for what you want.  So the question you should ask yourself is how can I help?  Read my full manifesto to hear my ideas on how to achieve goals of students


Edward Dickinson

(No manifesto submitted)



Benjamin Nicholas

Love People, Love Nature, Love Sussex


Danielle Ellam

Supporting Students, Standing up for Sustainability

As a third-year international student, I am proud to be part of Brighton’s vibrant and unique community.

I am passionate about social change and justice and want to help all students feel included and supported during their time at Sussex. My main aims are; to make renting off-campus an easier and less stressful process for students, to improve transport to university and encouraging sustainable habits through various initiatives, such as monthly clothes swap events.



Inclusivity, Sustainability and Better Representation!

Hi guys! My name is Ijlal and I’m a Master’s student studying Global Political Economy.
I am running to be your Society & Citizenship Officer!
As an international student from a BAME background with a disability, my main aim is to promote a more diverse and inclusive Students’ Union, with those who often feel marginalised to know that they belong. I would be aiming to establish activist/volunteer networks, increased City Council interaction, affordable Housing On and Off Campus, a political and rights awareness campaign, raising Sussex’s Green ranking.

Let’s make Sussex more inclusive!


Martha Knott

I want to support you to make
change at Sussex and in your community. As your Society & Citizenship Officer I will:

  • Support ethical and environmental societies, cooperatives, and campaigns

  • Make Sussex Sweatshop Free

  • Ensure that the university hears what students really want

  • Support  the Food Waste Cafe to become a regular event

  • Make it easier for students to recycle and reduce waste on campus

  • Help students be aware of their renting rights and address rubbish landlords and agents

Get students involved in their community on campus and in Brighton


Riz Millanzi

My name is  Riz and I am running to be your next  Society & Citizenship Officer! I've split my manifesto into three main areas:  Your Community. Your Home. Your Voice. If I am elected as your next Soc/Cit Officer, I will focus on connecting you with  your community. I will also fight for  your home: your housing and saving our planet.  Finally, I will be there to help you use  your voice! As your elected officer, I want to be there to support campaigns and tackle issues that students are passionate about, and help them bring about real change!


Niamh Sullivan

Better believe, vote for Niamh!

My main priority developing a stronger sense of community within the university. If elected my main priorities will be:

  • working towards a more sustainable campus;

  • strengthening student communities on and off campus;

  • Improving waste management on campus;

  • building a more positive university experience for international students;

  • extending university and union housing support;

  • creating more volunteering opportunities with university accreditation;

  • supporting student-led campaigns;

  • working with marginalised students to improve engagement with the SU;

and, developing community representation networks for students.


Simin Wadiwala

It’s Simple, Vote for Sim!

If elected, I will

  • Improve energy efficiency for off-campus private housing

  • Target student fuel poverty through collective energy supplier switching

  • Lobby for more affordable housing options such as SEASALT Housing Cooperative

  • Find a permanent space on campus for a year-round Free Shop

  • Improve recycling/composting facilities in on-campus housing

About me:

Masters student in Sustainable Development and the student rep for SPRU (Science Policy Research Unit). I sit on University Senate as the PGT student rep, and the USSU Executive Board in 2017-18 as the Ethnic Minority Student officer. Chair of SEASALT Housing Co-operative.



Charlotte Reed

Hi, I'm Charlotte, and I am a final year Sociology student.

I am passionate about transparency in how decisions are made about students and ensuring there is an effective open dialogue between staff and students. I am keen to ensure the university publishes the ‘hidden course costs’ and supports students who face them. I am also eager to build a feeling of a learning community at Sussex, particularly by creating an inter-departmental undergraduate academic journal to champion students with an interest in research.

That’s why I want to address COSTS, COMMENTS and COMMUNITY.



Chris Harding (Running Mates)

Getting more out of your education.

Undergraduate study at Sussex should be fair, well supported and rewarding, and students should be gaining more from their time than just a qualification. However, this is not always the case, but it could be.

If elected I will work to increase opportunities for students to get more out of their degree than just a qualification. I will also continue to close the BME attainment gap, fix the 'simple' academic issues: making sure all lectures are recorded and feedback is received in fair time, and improve the student social experience.



Edward Andrews-Latus (Amor Sui)

As Welfare Officer, I will:

-Produce a clear and easy guide for all support available on campus

- Work with the Student Life Centre towards supporting working class students. E.g.

-Recognition for students in part-time work

-Set up an online support forum for students to ask questions about housing, finance and retaking etc

-Continue May’s work of improving the Liberation Rooms, more specifically the Ethnic Minorities Students Room

- Work closely with the BME, Women’s, Disabilities and Trans and Non-Binary Officers

- Help raise the profile of student campaigns such as Decolonise Sussex and Access Sussex


Mujtaba Javaid

(no manifesto submitted)


Nel Hywel

Let’s make Sussex well with Nel

I’m a third year Anthropology and International Development student, with experience as a student ambassador and as a volunteer at the Role Models project and CORBIS. My manifesto has been informed by listening to students’ ideas for change and my own experiences as a Sussex student. If elected I will:

  • Improve counselling services by hiring more counsellors, making appointments more accessible and ensuring that the counselling services have more space

  • Make deadlines less stressful and fight the 40% cap.

  • Support International Students around Brexit

  • Continue successful ongoing welfare schemes and fight for new ones, such as better accommodation schemes.


Niina Hallberg

Niina for Better: Support, Safety, SU! If elected, I will do my best to:

-  Improve the support services we already have, battle the long waiting lists, and look at possibilities of adding to the support services

-  Work to tackle the lack of space all-over campus!

-  Increase students’ safety on and off campus, especially when going home after nights out, and ensure support for intoxicated students in town

-  Better support, representation and engagement of international students; aiming for Full-time International Students’ Officer in the SU

-  Work to achieve truly accessible campus!


Poppy Bignell

(no manifesto submitted)


Terry Prince-Iles

  • Fight mental health stigma by increasing awareness of symptoms and available support, for students and staff

  • Continue to run and make existing support systems available at Sussex such as Free Wednesdays, Tea and Talk and Take Care Taxi more widely known

  • Bring Nightline to Sussex, a student listening service ran by students for students.

  • Promote healthy relationships, consent and sexual health and make students more aware of manipulative behaviour within relationships

  • Run more de-stress events such as Doggy De-Stress, especially during exam times

Use the mental health survey during wellbeing week and student feedback to make changes to benefit students



Aditi Srivastava

Hello Sussex, my name is Aditi Vas. I believe we all came to Sussex with dreams of participating in an equal, diverse educational environment, and I want to work with you all to achieve that dream. I want all BAME students, regardless of race, sexual orientation, class, and gender to be able to express their student experience and communicate what the university could do to improve it. I have previous experience working with staff and students as the IR year one student-rep for and the Chair for the Global Studies. I hope to represent you and better your experience here at Sussex!



Shreya Murali

Hi, I'm Shreya Murali and I am a 2nd year Genetics student. I identify as a bisexual cis female and the Sussex has introduced me to the most supportive LGBTQ+ community I could have hoped to be a part of. I will add to that by raising more awareness for sexual health, sexual assault and domestic violence tailored to members of the community.I want to put a focus on mental health will also work towards making pride a bigger event on campus. Additionally, I want to help create an environment where we are able connect with our faith (if any).



Callum Chapman

Hi, I am Callum and I’m seeking to become students with disabilities officer. I will be making sure every student with disabilities receives help so that they achieve. Fighting to make Sussex a more inclusive and accessible place. Talking to students to understand how disabilities affect them as an individual. No experience of a disability is the same nor are they always visible therefore varied approaches and raising awareness is needed to address this. Working with Access Sussex to improve our campus! We need a welcoming environment with a community where all students can be supported.


Chloe Louise Ilsley

Chloe Louise for Students with Disabilities!

I’m running for ‘Students with Disabilities’ officer because I know from experience, that it can be difficult to find someone who understands what it’s like to be a student and live with a disability. I know that it’s not as easy as you’re making it appear! :) I want to help anyone who identifies as part of a ‘marginalised’ group and I want to make our uni experience better. There won’t be anymore ‘what if?’ moments or some impersonal reply.



Blaike Lennon (Amor Sui)

I hope to continue the work I have started.  My main manifesto points are:

• Aim to gather online resources into one file so that it is easily accessible

• Formally set-up dysphoria reducing products that are cheaper and easily accessible. E.g : binders, breast forms, underwear etc.

• Continue to create close relationships with the students union and university management to ensure trans students are safe and considered within teaching / housing policy.

• Ensure there are:  enough accessible trans friendly events that are safe; alcohol free events; food requirement friendly; and supportive environments.

• Attempt to improve a trans inclusive welfare spaces.



Katie Jones

Come on matey, vote for Katie!

I am running for the position of women’s officer because I feel that whoever takes this role should have the courage to fight for every woman’s equality, freedom and safety. The conviction I feel about making sure women’s needs are heard comes from countless moments where I’ve seen women underappreciated, overlooked, ignored and even endangered and nobody bats an eye! It’s unacceptable and I pledge to do everything in my power to replace this outdated attitude. I will ensure that all women across campus have the chance to speak freely, study comfortably and live their life unencumbered.


Sarah Osborn

As women’s officer, I want to stand for every woman. We aren’t a homogeneous group, but individuals with a shared identity.

1. Mental Health

Publicise and liaise with services and charities able to support student mental health

Create spaces to talk openly about identity, self-esteem, and wellness

2. Sexual Well-being

Increase access and information on contraception and sexual health

Campaign and widen awareness of consent, healthy relationships, and body positivity

3. Equal Opportunities

Invite employers active in opposing the gender pay gap to career events

Facilitate collaboration between students, the union, and officers regarding work and experience.



Charlotte Clark

Communication, enthusiasm and positivity !

I can and I will 

- Listen to ALL members of a group objectively to understand which decision would be in the best interest for students

- Communicate effectively with large groups of people, solidfying ideas to identify the actions being proposed

- Respond quickly and effectively to plans that work towards positive goals for all students

- Bring enthusiasm to the role of trustee as I am keen to ensure that all student's interests are at the heart of each decision made by the Union, leaving NO ONE out, making postive improvements and change


Lucy Edwards

Vote Lucee as a Trustee

I am currently the charity representative for the women's football team, as well as an elected sports representative for all of sports, working closely with the Activities Officer and Union on all things Sports related. I also sit on Union council once a month, where we discuss and vote on important issues that student's face at University, and work toward a fair, equal and more enjoyable experience for all students at Sussex. With this experience, I believe I am a suitable candidate for Union trustee as I am passionate about the Union and the decisions made within it.


Abigail Thackery

Protection and respect for student rights

  • I will fight for a Union given bursary for those in need of extra funding throughout their university experience

  • I will urge the Union to employ finances into the Co-op, so that it may be subsidised and in turn will create lower prices for students. The Co-op currently holds a monopoly on campus and as such students have been paying extortionate prices and have long been disregarded.

  • I will advise the Union to employ more resources into student housing, to protect the currently under-protected rights of students.


Katie Gray

I am Katie Gray and I’m a first year undergraduate History with Politics student. I have a deep interest in democratic governance and law and although I have no experience yet in this area I am passionate about the duties that I would undertake in this position. I want to be elected because I feel I would be a great addition to the board and because along with the Student Union I also want to have the students interests at the forefront. People should vote for me because of the dedication I would have to the job and the level of professionalism I would uphold throughout my position. In this role I would want to achieve making sure the Student Union abides by all the laws it should be and make it possible for the Student Union to be in the position to do even more for the students at Sussex.


Ryan Long 



1. To make sure the Student Union is functionally efficiently and and moving progressively towards a better experience for all students at Uni

2. Ensure all facilities on and around campus are fully operational such as hot water 24/7

3. Promote extra-curricular activities for all students on campus


Shania Fithadiannisa

(no manifesto submitted)


Talia Fogelman

As a trustee, I would make myself available and visible. I feel a lot of the proceedings are seen as inaccessible and convoluted and would want to be part of changing that. I am one of the few sadists who love reading the papers for meetings and to be able to effect real changes at such a high level would be such a privilege. In this role, I would want to make Union run in line with the ideals of students and to ensure students feel they have a say in how their Union gets run.






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