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Green Impact excellence

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The Students' Union has received an "Excellent" award for our Green Impact submission - the highest one available!
For the submission, we collected evidence on the work staff and students have done to further sustainability. The submission looks at our internal processes, the way we support students, and how we engage with the University.

We scored well above the average of all participating SUs in several areas. This includes scoring 70/90 for Campaigning & Influencing, compared to an average of 47, and scoring 70/100 for the Outcomes section compared to an average score of 36. For Campaigning & Influencing we reported on the amazing work done by Decolonise Sussex. In the Outcomes section we reported on the positive outcomes our work on sustainability has had for students, the university, the students' union, environment and the community.

Over the last year, we: 

  • implemented a 30p charge for disposable cups, following which the Union Shop's output of coffee cups reduced by 40% between October and March
  • saw the previous Society & Citizenship Officer, Aisling, helped lobby the University to split up the Health, Safety and Environmet Committee to provide a dedicated Sustainability Committee. This has been started, and is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor. We are planning on starting a student sustainability committee, which will feed suggestions to take to the University Committee by Ijlal, your Society & Citizenship Officer.
  • We worked out that our no fly policy saved 30,596 KgCO2e across three sports trips which took coaches and trains rather than planes.
  • Students from Decolonise Sussex ran decolonise climate workshops as part of Youth Strike for climate, highlighting how climate justice is a racial issue.
  • The bars are researching how to best reduce single use plastics for events, and have signed up to a trial scheme with the NUS to test out reusable cups. They have also set up a system to ensure there are no single use plastics throughout Freshers' Week!
  • The Events team helped recruit members and set up Student Eats training for the new Food Waste Cafe society, who have run lots of amazing cafes. 
  • The Co-op are saving 500kg of paper a year by stopping receipt printing.
  • We saved 180 crates of items from going to waste and kept them for the September Free Shop. 20+ crates of food and sanitary products were donated to charity.

These are only a couple of the things that made up our submission, but overall they were really impressed with the work going on at Sussex. Thanks so much to everyone involved in the many actions, big and small, that made up the work Sussex does towards sustainability.

For more information on sustainability please see our sustainability guide.

If you have any questions about Green Impact, please get in touch with environment@sussexstudent.com.


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