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Your Vote, Your Voice! Referenda, local elections and Student Reps

Elections and Referenda are here! Over the next few days, you have the opportunity to use your voice to make a change and determine what happens on campus, by voting in the Students' Union Referenda, in your course, by voting for Student Reps and in Brighton & Hove, by voting for the local council elections (if you're registered).

Your right to vote is a civic responsibility that should not be taken for granted. In a dynamic world with diverse views, voting ensures that your unique perspectives are reflected in the grand scheme of things.

By casting your vote, you take a stand on critical issues that affect you as a student, as a member of the Students’ Union and as a resident of Brighton and Hove. When you vote, you are an active changemaker as opposed to a passive bystander.

Excited about making your voice heard?



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