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Beware of fake tax refund and other malicious emails

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Students and staff have reported a few malicious emails in recent weeks.  Please look out for these fake messages:

  1. Tax refund emails.  According to the government, “HMRC will never send notifications by email about tax rebates or refunds.”
  2. Blackmail emails about watching adult material online.
  3. Emails claiming to be from senior members of staff, often simply containing “are you on campus?”  If you reply to these messages, you will begin a conversations with criminals who will eventually ask you to make a payment or buy Amazon vouchers.

University IT Services has contacted almost 700 students and staff who responded to the fake tax refund email.

If you think you might have given away your details to a scam, please take the following action immediately:

  • If you gave away your bank details, you should contact your bank
  • If you entered your Sussex password, please change it using Sussex Direct

Mimecast stops many malicious emails from reaching your inbox, but no system can block everything. Stay safe online: check the top 10 security tips on the ITS website.


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