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Autumn Officer Reports

Frida - President

-Held our first bus action, and got 50 postcards filled in with stories of residents’ issues with the bus service. 

-Worked with residents in Kings Road to sort issues with their accommodation - and brought the head of housing and director of estates and facilities to see the issues themselves.

-Started work with University to make Fulton an easily bookable building for student groups to use in the evening. 

Becky - Activities Officer

-With the sports reps held a forum open forum on sports at Sussex. Successfully got members from clubs together to discuss what they wanted to change about sport at Sussex and how we can work together to make these changes happen

-Worked with societies coordinator on plans to improve the way societies run including online training, types of societies, handover process, committee roles, how to start a society & funding - taking this work to societies for feed in soon!

-Worked with Media committee, Society Reps & Sports reps on what they would like to change about the student awards and and ideas they have

Ella - Undergraduate Education Officer

-Ran three Decolonise Sussex meetings, where we discussed tackling hate crime, raising awareness of racist incidents on campus and halal and kosher food options at Sussex. We also hosted a coffee morning with Dog Walking Society where people came to find out more about the campaign (with dogs!).

-Held our first Students’ Union Rep Committee where student reps discussed issues within their school, including wanting to bring in reading packs and address lack of communication between school reps, and came up with solutions such as school rep committees.

- Went to Auschwitz-Birkenau with Frida and Kelly Coate (PVC for Education and Students) for a project called Lessons from Auschwitz, and attended a follow-up seminar where we discussed how to tackle anti-semitism on campus. Frida and Ella are meeting with JSoc to discuss further plans.

Sarah - Postgraduate Education Officer

-Held the first Postgraduate Research Student Reps Forum - looking to revamp these to make them more useful and purposeful to students (1st half = workshop or talk, 2nd half = drop-in clinic), having a second brainstorming session about a Postgrad Ball.

-Facilitated conversation between HAHP school & trans students and their allies.

-Research about diversity quotas in UK recruitment shows that it may not be viable from a legal perspective but there are potential recommendations that could be made with regard to the university’s recruitment procedures. Working with Research and Policy officer to create a paper to take to university senior management

May - Welfare Officer

-Begun the process to relaunch Access Sussex, a campaign pushing for Sussex to become more accessible for students’ with disabilities. Access should be an issue that everybody cares about, so we are currently looking for student’s with and without disabilities to join the campaign.

-This year May managed to secure University and Union funding to help students put on over 10 student led events for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence. To check out the full list of events, click here

-The mental health report will be out in the coming days, it will close in around January time so we can get the most responses possible - and students should help push this too! The report should not only help to inform services about how they can improve, but also give us a clear picture of the mental health landscape at Sussex

Aisling - Society and Citizenship Officer

-Student Eats came to give a Food Waste Cafe training workshop and we had our first Food Waste Cafe meeting! Aisling is currently planning a cafe for Wednesday 12th December and she has some seriously incredible student volunteers who are making this happen! 

-Currently running a review and meeting with all Sussex Student Cooperatives (Scoop, Roots, Bike Shack, Seasalt) to see how the Union can better support them and currently writing a proposal so that they can register as cooperatives rather than societies. 

-Meeting to improve collaboration between the Students’ Union and Career Hub to make sure that there is a coordinated approach to community volunteering. 

 Read more on the Officers reports here


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