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You're never too old........

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Few would consider a Cosham industrial estate on the outskirts of Portsmouth a destination for their Friday night, but the University of Sussex Urban Games society (USUGZ) did exactly this for one simple reason. It's the location of the only softplay centre on the south coast to allow adults to play! 

After arriving at the centre, the sight of the enormous slides and ball pit were enough to bring out the inner child in all of us! After spending a considerable amount of time climbing, jumping, crawling and sliding the games began! 

Bomb was first up with players running around the centre with a plastic ball attempting to tag other players and thus passing the ball to them. For those unfamiliar with Urban Games, the object of the game is not to have the ball at the end of the game. Sounds straight forward enough, but imagine trying to catch someone who has just disappeared through a narrow crawl space and the game takes on a different dimension! 

Sardines was next up. Sardines involves one person hiding whilst the others attempt to find them. Once one person finds them, they hide with them until all players are together. This lead to some interesting hiding places being found, in particular in a narrow crawl space and on top of a climbing net! 

They'll never find us here.......

Sardine Selfie!!!

The final game of the night saw USUGZ play one of their classic games of Zombie tag! This involves one 'alpha zombie' attempting to catch others and turn them into Zombies as well! The last player to not be a Zombie is the winner. The highlight of this game had to be another group seeing the Zombies and asking if they could join in! USUGZ obliged and the Zombie invasion of the centre grew! 


After and excellent game of Zombie tag, it was time to let loose on the centres three slides, one of which ended in a ball bit!!! It's fair to say that this provided great entertainment for all those present! 

Slide race!!!

Into the ball pit

After the slides, it was sadly time to go home. USUGZ has found a new dimension to add to its games and will definitely be returning one day. Who says you're too old for Softplay! 

A good time was had by all


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