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Sussex Fund Completed

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About a year ago we started compiling rather large ambitions of turning a small society into a fully fledged bike shop, at the time it seemed wild but then we learned about the Sussex Fund. We could apply up to £10,000 to develop the society! So we wrote a funding bid, outlined what we needed and got accepted!

There were a few bumps along the way, we were evicted from our base of operations, and had to move into the Richmond garage, which came as a blessing in disguise, with running water, electrics and toilets in the same building! We've now purchased a several sets of tools, workstands and even an air compressor! We're setting up trade accounts to buy in more varied stock and we're upgrading our rental fleet.

Just before the end of June we finalised everything, we moved into Richmond, we sent off the final orders and we've got everything ready and waiting to be set up in September for maximum operating capacity! We now have a price list and we're starting to put things onto our minisite page!

We hope to help as many people in the next year as we can and to have as many people as possible learning about how to fix their bike!



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