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Union Council catch-up

Council in action

Last term, the Students’ Union Council had a lot to do. Council is made up of  around 50 students from across campus such as Student Reps, members of Sports, Society and Media Committee, and other representatives. It meets monthly to determine the rules, policies and accountability of the Students’ Union.

The first Council began with the appointment of Eliza Day as Chair of Council. Councillors then scrutinized the Officer’s Annual Plans and reports of what they had been up to since they came into post.

This term we also have the introduction of a new item on the Council agenda: the Loop Report. The Loop is a new tool that allows Students Reps and students to log feedback about their time at Sussex. This information is then taken to Council in the form of a report with recommendations that helps to guide the work of the Students’ Union and Student Reps.

Council has had plenty of decisions to make.The first Council approved President Frida Gustafsson’s motion to send her Transport Policy to referenda where a whopping 1,415 students voted for the Students’ Union to adopt the Cheaper and Easier Travel to Campus policy.

In the second Council a rules change was approved so that Students’ Union Campaigning Policy will lapse automatically after three years. If students want the policy to be adopted again it will need to be sent to referenda via Council, Executive, or a petition with over 150 signatures. This move will help the Union become more streamlined in it’s priorities and policies. Council also considered whether Part-time Officers and Full-time Officers should be allowed to campaign in elections and referenda. After much deliberation Council ultimately decided that Part time officers may campaign for referenda and other candidates in elections, and Full-time officers may campaign for or against referenda but that Full-time officers may not campaign for other candidates in elections.

It’s been a really exciting term and hopefully next term will be even better!

To see the minutes from the first meeting please click here, and for the second meeting please click here.

Any student is welcome to attend Council, and the date of the next meeting is Monday 5th February, 6pm-8pm in the Gardner Tower, Attenborough Centre. You can contact the Chair of Council at councilchair@sussexstudent.com.


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