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Student Reps 2014-15

These are the Student Reps for 2014-15.  Most of them were elected in October 2014 by the students in their course/year; where vacancies were left students were able to apply via their School Office.

Our congratulations to everyone who was elected or co-opted, and our thanks to all those who offered to be a Rep, whether or not they were elected.

Brighton & Sussex Medical School (BSMS)
Business, Management & Economics (BMEc)
Education & Social Work (ESW)
Engineering & Informatics (EngInf)
School of English
Centre for Language Studies (SCLS)
School of Global Studies
Institute of Development Studies (IDS)
History, Art History & Philosophy (HAHP)
School of Life Sciences
Law, Politics & Sociology (LPS)
Media, Film and Music (MFM) 
Mathematical & Physical Sciences (MPS)
School of Psychology


Brighton & Sussex Medical School 

BSMS Yr 1 Reps

Jim Allsopp
Ben Bickford
Lucy Thorn
Jack Whiting

BSMS Yr 2 Reps

Viktoriya Boncheva
Rosie James
Anokhee Patel
Megan Sambrook Smith

BSMS Yr 3 Reps

Laura-Anne Dymore-Brown
Sunil James
Florence Mouy
Wuraola Obadahun

BSMS Yr 4 Reps

Anna Baginski
Harriet Cant
Katy Owen
Helena Roth

BSMS Yr 5 Reps

Matthew Cadd
Eleanor Denny
Joanna Moore
Paul Young

MA Global Health Rep

Sangeetha Navaratnam

Research PG Rep

Debbie Hatfield
Ryan Thwaites

Business, Management & Economics 

UG Student Reps

Business & Management: Yr 1

Tara Haden
Ilias Vougioukas

Business & Management: Yr 2

Mustafa Madni
Hongxia Xu

Business & Management: Final yr

Kaleem Khan
Arslan Shaikh

Economics: Yr 1

Claire Ahlborn
Ingy Heshmat

Economics: Yr 2

Elizaveta Fakhretdinova
Sara-Maria Fratila

Economics: Final yr

Mohammed Homoud
Consolata Ndungu

PG Student Reps

Business & Management: PG Taught

Le Chen
Xiaomei Wu

Business & Management: PG Research

Lazarus Mabvira
Aparna Venkatesan

Economics: PG Taught

Sophie Hedges
Veronica Rhobi Masubo

Economics: PG Research

Cesar Iriarte-Rivas
Antonia Schwarz 

SPRU: PG Taught

Samuel Grange
Ahren Janiyan

SPRU: PG Research

Cian O’Donovan
Jonas Torrens

School of Education & Social Work 

UG Student Reps

BACY Children and Young People: Yr 1

Megan Borman
Rosie Gahnstrom

BACY Children and Young People: Yr 2

Fiona Lochrie
Louise Pike

BACY Children and Young People: Yr 3

Emelia Kemp

BA Social Work: Yr 1

Paris Fraser
Louise Leonard

BA Social Work: Yr 2

Hayley Knight
Oliver Mills

BA Social Work: Yr 3

Maristelle Preece
Matthew Yallop

PG Student Reps

PGCE Primary

Joe Macallister
Bethan Petit

PGCE Secondary

Vicky Clark
Theodore Evans
Matt Lewis
Dominika Majewska
Phil Richards
Hannah Ridley
Chris Rogers
Charlotte Smith
Rebecca Turner

MA Childhood and Youth Studies

Kerrie Rouy 

MA Education Studies

Phil Craven

MA International Education & Development

Sefut Shan
Tetsuya Yamada

MA Social Work: Yr 1

Odi Oquosa
Oskari Pentikainen

MA Social Work: Yr 2

Justin Baker
Florence Mernagh-Thompson



EdD / DSW, Phase 1 / 2;


EdD / DSW, Phase 3


Education PhD

Christine Wanjala

Social Work PhD

Louise Sims

School of Engineering & Informatics 

UG Student Reps

Engineering: Foundation yr

Hani Malcolm Ibrahim

Engineering: Yr 1

Aleem Baksh
Grace Daniel

Engineering: Yr 2

Jessica Brand
Georgy Cameron
Ryan Oakley

Engineering: Yr 3

Dimitrios Michalakis
Konstantinos Patmanidis

Engineering: Yr 4


Product Design: Yr 1

Ameenah Begum
Jessica Noulton

Product Design: Yr 3

Jack Benn-Woolley

Informatics: Foundation yr

Tahsan Chowdhury Rafat

Informatics: Yr 1

Daniel Arthur
Ollie Thomas

Informatics: Yr 2

Neelesh Dooraree

Informatics: Final yr

Ishita Karnam

PG Student Reps

Engineering & Design: PG Taught

Osama Ashraf
Zicheng Liu

Engineering & Design: PG Research

Samuel Hartlebury

Informatics: PG Taught

Louise Pang
Prem Rajah

Informatics: PG Research


School of English (incl. SCLS) 

UG Student Reps

English: Yr 1

Oliver Lugg
Bianca Serafini

English: Yr 2

Natasha Allen
Marguerite Camu

English: Final yr

Sophie Fry
Alexandra Krendel

English Language



Jorden Evans

Languages: Yr 1

Isla Elieli

Languages: Yr 2

Amy Arthur

Languages: Final yr

Liz Perraudin
Jessica Thompson

PG Student Reps

English: PG Taught

Muhammad Adnan Sattar

English: PG Research

Diarmuid Hester

Languages: PG Taught


School of Global Studies & IDS

UG Student Reps

Anthropology: Yr 1

Sarah Kegerreis
Bibi Letts

Anthropology: Yr 2

Marta Verani

Anthropology: Final yr

Rosamund Portus

Geography: Yr 1

Lauren Hyatt
Ryshel Patel

Geography: Yr 2

Emma Muench
Kate Skingley

Geography: Final yr

Holly Brazier Tope
Benjamin Thompsett

International Development: Yr 1

Dalila Nawir Ibrahim
Keya Khandaker

International Development: Yr 2

Jessica Mevel
Charlotte Rowley

International Development: Final yr

Mairi Calder
Samantha Seymour

International Relations: Yr 1

Jamie Dorman
Jon Morbin

International Relations: Yr 2

Luke Richards
Hannah Svanberg

International Relations: Final yr

Alexandra Bamgboye
Laura Giovinazzi

PG Student Reps

Anthropology: PG Taught


Anthropology: PG Research

Paul Robert Gilbert 

Geography: PG Taught

Susanna Thiel

Geography: PG Research

Vikram Maji
Katie Wright-Higgins

International Development: PG Taught


International Development: PG Research


International Relations: PG Taught

Juliet Grenville

International Relations: PG Research

Andrea Brock
Tom Martin

IDS: PG Taught

Jocelyn Matyas

IDS: PG Research


History, Art History & Philosophy 

UG Student Reps

History: Yr 1

Abby Couch

History: Yr 2

Crispin Field

History: Final yr

Grace Kelly

American Studies: Yr 1

Eliza Day

American Studies: Yr 2

Benjamin Lippett

American Studies: Final yr

Jessie Rutland

Art History: Yr 1

Tomas Borchet

Art History: Yr 2

Matthew Williams

Art History: Final yr

Connie Goring-Morris

Philosophy: Yr 1

Matthew Holman

Philosophy: Yr 2

Sarah El-Grew

Philosophy: Final yr

Molly Peters

PG Student Reps

History: PG Taught

Amy Gower 

History: PG Research

Alexa Neale 

Art History: PG Taught

Naomi Daw 

Art History: PG Research

Joshua Gong

Philosophy: PG Taught

Malcolm Macqueen

Philosophy: PG Research

Richard Weir

School of Life Sciences 

UG Student Reps

Biology, Ecology and Neuroscience: Yr 1

Isabella Di Stefano

Biology, Ecology and Neuroscience: Yr 2

Jessica-Lily Harvey-Cox

Biology, Ecology and Neuroscience: Yr 3

Ellie Leamon

Biomedical Science and Biochemistry: Yr 1

Joshua Bekhor

Biomedical Science and Biochemistry: Yr 2

Cuzack Lapworth

Biomedical Science and Biochemistry: Yr 3

Viknesh Akilan

Chemistry: Yr 1

Amino Yusuf

Chemistry: Yr 2

Kyran Samy

Chemistry: Yr 3

Ciara Crosby

Chemistry: Yr 4

Gabby Tarrant

PG Student Reps

LifeSci: PG Taught

Catherine Doust

Biology, Ecology and Neuroscience: PG Research

Paul Davison

Biomedical Science and Biochemistry: PG Research

Heena Jagatia

Chemistry: PG Research

Matthew Molloy

Law, Politics & Sociology

UG Student Reps

Law: Yr 1

Lawrence Hiller-Wood
Cindy Giovanna Zapata

Law: Yr 2

Mohammed Adam Akbar
Gabby Pini

Law: Final yr

Natasha Ali
Theodora Georgiou

Politics: Yr 1

Ellie Ferguson
Frida Gustafsson

Politics: Yr 2

Rorie Rigley

Politics: Yr 3

Paul Millar

Sociology: Yr 1

Joshua Boffin
Yuliya Kulynych

Sociology: Yr 2

Nicola Lodge

Sociology: Yr 3

Rhys Dower

PG Student Reps


Muhammad Abdulla

Law: PG Taught

Khalid Hanif

Law: PG Research

Chosen Udorji

Politics: PG Taught


Politics: PG Research

Jake Watts

Sociology: PG Taught


Sociology: PG Research

Gillian Love 

Media, Film & Music 

UG Student Reps

Media Practice: Yr 1

Robert Sarre

Media Practice: Yr 2

Yu Wang

Media Practice: Yr 3

Karla Wilisch

Media Studies: Yr 1

Daria Vlasova

Media Studies: Yr 2

Cosmo Lo

Media Studies: Yr 3

Christine Hui

Film Studies: Yr 1

Georgina Allan

Film Studies: Yr 2

Violeta Marcenkova

Film Studies: Yr 3

Catherine Spooner


Kriss Adams
Alice Wright

Media & Cultural Studies

Roberta Giammaria

PG Student Reps

Media Practice: PG Taught

Joe Anwar 

Media Theory: PG Taught


Media & Cultural Studies: PG Taught

Richard Cook

Journalism: PG Taught

Thomas Ritchie

Film Studies: PG Taught


Music: PG Taught


Media, Film & Music: PG Research

Behnoosh Amandi
Joe Paxton

Mathematical & Physical Sciences 

UG Student Reps

Mathematics: Foundation yr

Christina Lawton

Mathematics: Yr 1

Georgia Abbott
Rhiannon Hawkins

Mathematics: Yr 2

Gabrielle Baldock
Sarah Woolven

Mathematics: Yr 3

Sandra Joksaite
Nicola Mckeogh

Mathematics: Yr 4


Physics & Astronomy: Foundation yr

Raymond Ilovici
Toby Morris

Physics & Astronomy: Yr 1

Aaron Lawrence
Laurent Ray Vaughan

Physics & Astronomy: Yr 2

Linn Boldt-Christmas
Francis Jans

Physics & Astronomy: Yr 3

Emmi Edwards
Laurence Routledge

Physics & Astronomy: Yr 4

Callum King
Henry Maguire

PG Student Reps

Mathematics: PG Taught


Mathematics: PG Research

Gary Poole

Physics & Astronomy: PG Taught

Kristian Bjoerke
Alejandro Márquez Seco

Physics & Astronomy: PG Research

Mark Stringer

School of Psychology 

UG Student Reps

Psychology: Yr 1

Jack Hunt
Katy Francis

Psychology: Yr 2

Maria Andreou
Lenart Celar

Psychology: Final yr

Ollie Heathcock
Vanessa Summers

PG Student Reps

Psychology: PG Taught

Ahuti Das
Abigail Christine Wright

Experimental Psychology: PGT


Psychological Therapies: PG Taught


Psychology: PG Research

Samuel Berens
Sarah Fielding-Smith
Yasin Koc


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