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Player Profile: Kajal Modhwadia


How did you get into Tennis?

I got into tennis when I was about 4, my parents took me and I've been playing ever since then. 


What is your most memorable moment from Tennis?

Probably playing in Varsity in both 1st and 2nd year and winning both times! 


As a woman, what do you feel like you get from Tennis?

The ability to play in both a team (doubles) and individually (singles) is great. The fact that it is a hobby that I can have for the rest of my life is something that I enjoy as well as the fact that it is a different way to exercise rather than just going to the gym. 


What would you say to a woman who was thinking about joining Tennis?

Join! Everyone in the team is so friendly and even though there aren't that many of us, we're all so close and work well together as a team. 


This week is "This Sussex Girl Can Week" where we are celebrating women in sports with a number of different events and activities on campus. To find out more, visit the Sussexsport website.


For more information about playing Tennis with the University of Sussex, visit their mini-site here. 


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