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Societies Fund spring term 17/18 funding round up

A group of students smiling and wearing Geog Soc branded hoodies and t-shirts standing in Falmer Qua

This year the Activities Officer, Lucy Williams, bid for £10,000 of funding from the University's Sussex Fund. The bid was successful and the funding awarded from the Sussex Fund has been used to fund the Spring Term allocation of the Societies Fund.

Societies are groups of students with a shared interest and there are over 250 different societies at Sussex. They arrange an amazing array of campaigns, training, competitions, events and meetings throughout the year. The Societies Fund exists to give students who run societies access to vital funding to enable them to fulfil the aims & objectives of their group. The funding enables them to provide varied and exciting opportunities and experiences for their members, enriching student experience at Sussex.

The Societies Fund is administered by the Societies Committee, a student-led committee who meet weekly during Autumn & Spring Term. The Committee is chaired by the Activities Officer and made up of six Society Reps who are voting members. The Society Reps are committee members who run their own societies and are elected as Society Reps by their peers to represent them on the Societies Committee.

Societies are required to complete a funding application to apply, providing details on the event or items they wish to apply for funding for. They must specify if there is any money in their society bank account and whether they plan to use any of this money towards the things they have applied for, as well as how the funding will benefit their members. They are also asked whether they have carried out any fundraising themselves, to show that they are committed to running their society sustainably and not rely on funding being granted for their activities to continue. 

The Society Reps discuss each application during their weekly meetings, taking into account whether the society have already received funding, whether the event or activity will benefit as many students as possible and is cost-effective. Applications may be granted in full, partially granted or rejected.The society is informed of the outcome by the Sports and Societies Administrator who confirms the amount and the deadline by which it must be spent (usually 2 weeks). Societies are then expected to work with the Activities Finance Assistant to arrange spending the money. This means that although an amount may be awarded it may not all be spent. If any funding is not spent by the deadline it is returned to main fund.

There have been around 120 applications to the Societies Fund this year since August 2017, and thanks to the generosity of the funding granted from the Sussex Fund, 45 applications have been granted so far in Spring Term 2018.

Breakdown of how the funds have been spent

Sussex DevSoc - Coach to Oxford for the Oxford Forum for International Development - £500

The Oxford Forum for International Development is Europe's largest student-led conference on International Development. It brings together 300 students with more than 20 world-class speakers to discuss and debate the most pressing issues in the field.

The money was used to subsidise coach tickets to and from the conference on the 24th of February. They took 75 Sussex and IDS students, renting 2 coaches.


Sussex Friends of Palestine - Train Fares for speakers as part of Israeli Apartheid Week 2018 - £34.80

Sussex Friends of Palestine Society organised a series of events for Israeli Apartheid Week, including a sell-out show hosted in Room 76. Remi Kanazi is a world renowned poet, writer and organiser based in New York. He is the author of the newly released collection of poetry Before the Next Bomb Drops: Rising Up from Brooklyn to Palestine. He is also the author of Poetic Injustice: Writings on Resistance and Palestine (RoR Publishing, 2011) and the editor of Poets For Palestine (Al Jisser Group, 2008).

ISoc - Discover Islam Week 2018 - £600

The main purpose of Discover Islam Week is to educated and debunk myths surrounding the religion of Islam and Muslims in general.  During the course of the week several renowned guest speakers were invited to speak, addressing contemporary issues faced by Muslims in the UK, as well as giving people who are not Muslims the opportunity to clarify any misconceptions that they may have. Every day during Discover Islam Week, the society also set up a stall containing literature and snacks for people to ask questions and find out about the activities in the evening, as well as a photo exhibition, explaining the impact that Muslim people have had on the UK.

Sussex Freerunning and Tricking Society - Venue hire fees - £100

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, basketball court, child and indoorImage may contain: 8 people, people smiling, indoor

The Society used the money awarded to subsidise entry to a bespoke venue, perfect for learning freerunning and tricking in a safe and supported environment. The fee also includes coaching for the first part of the booking, ensuring participants will be taught the safest ways to practice the sport.

Amnesty International Society - Prize for their pub quiz fundraiser - £27.87

The society organised a pub quiz and requested funding to provide a prize. The event was a success and they raised £172 for local charity ‘Thousand 4 1000’. Thousand 4 1000 is a community response to destitution and homelessness amongst refugees and other migrants.

Malaysian, Bruneian and Singaporean society - Subsidised train tickets to London for Singapore Day 2018 - £391.50

Singapore Day is a day-long event held each year in a major city with a significant number of Singaporeans so that they can strengthen bonds, relive memories of home and connect with the latest developments in Singapore. The society arranged for subsidised travel to the event for their members.

Climate Action Movement (CAM) - Subsidised train travel to London - £375

CAM are a society building a movement on the issue of climate change. As part of this, CAM are supporting twelve co-claimants, two of whom are students at Sussex and members of CAM, in a climate lawsuit that is attempting to force the government to change its climate target - in-line with the Paris Agreement and most recent climate science. They say:      

“This is a historic lawsuit that aims to protect life on earth. In order to have a future planet that is inhabitable, we have to win this momentous case here in the UK. We have an opportunity to lead the way in mitigating climate change, and as students of Sussex university we have the opportunity and responsibility to make this happen. By being present and visible at the court hearing, we are showing the judge and other citizens that this is an issue for the future of all life on earth.”

Adventist Students on Campus - Train to Watford for Student Conference with other Adventist Students on Campus - £50

4 students on the committee attended the conference.

Pakistan Society - Fee for musicians - £200 - Qawali Night’18 

Pakistan Society - University of Sussex and SASS - South Asian Students' Society At Sussex co-hosted a night of Sufi devotional music, known as Qawwali, which is an integral part of cultural music across South Asia, especially in Pakistan and India.

The remaining funds have so far been allocated as detailed below. Groups have until the end of May as a final deadline for all funds to be spent/reclaimed. Any unspent money will be used towards equipment and resources for societies.

Sussex Big Band - 6 night tour to Prague - Awarded £920 towards hostel deposit and equipment hire.

The Big Band Society are organising their 3rd international tour this Summer, and are taking 23 Sussex students to Prague, where they will have the opportunity to perform to audiences up to 1000 people. This is an amazing opportunity for the Sussex-based society to showcase their talents abroad and represent Sussex internationally. The trip is planned for June 2018, with the money being spent by the end of June 2018.

Sussex University Drama Society (SUDS) - Play Licence Fees- She Kills Monsters - £124.80

Sussex University Drama Society (SUDS) - Play rights for "The Grandfathers" - £150

Sound of Zion Gospel Choir - coach and costumes for the National Gospel Choir of the Year competition - £444

This money has been allocated but the group have yet to claim it back. View their performance here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXvxVBaKqzQ

Hip Hop Culture Society - Film Screening - £515

"A Way Of Life" film screening + after party. Includes a Q&A with filmmakers and some of the prominent artists featured in the video, followed by live Deejaying and Rapping co-hosted by AudioActive and Up2Scratch. Event being held on Friday 27th April.

ISoc - £180 - Members' Dinner. The dinner is organised to boost official membership through the Sussex Student site

EngSoc - £154 - Read not Dead Event

Anim8s - £517.50 - A cross-society Spring ball

Sussex Short Fiction Society - £310 - Publication of the Sussex Short Fiction Review Vol. 2 (literature magazine)

Duke of Edinburgh - £300 - To reduce event cost and cover some of the cost of the deposit for DofE expeditions

African Caribbean Society - £490 - We are applying for funding for a photobooth and DJ for our annual crown ball.

Musical Theatre (SMuTS) - £300 - Tickets/Travel/Accommodation for National Societies Award event

Performing Arts Group - £500 - Performing Arts Showcase - ACCA Hire

PharmaC - £250 - Pharmacy half way ball

GeogSoc - £170 - DJ and singer for Summer Ball

Central Eastern European Society - £96 - bowling tickets social gathering (16 members)

Italian Society - £72 - Pitch hire for joint charity football tournament with French Society

Sussex Friends of Free Syria - £366.09 - Fee for Syrian musicians to perform as part of Syrian Awareness Week 2018

BSMS Wilderness Medicine Society - £901 - Equipment for Wilderness Medicine Course

Craft Society - £90 - Equipment for Tie-dye event and party bags for the last social of the year

Italian Society - £88 - Subsidised transport to London to attend a conference on the effects of Brexit on Italian students


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