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Societies have elected 2 reps to Union Council

Two Society Reps from the Societies Committee have been elected on to Union Council. Congratulations to Jonathan Busby, Society Rep and SUMS Society President, and Peter Anson, Society Rep and Liberate the Debate President.

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The Union Council is the main democratic body of the Students' Union. It consists of elected students drawn from the Student Rep scheme, the full-time officers and the part-time officers. The Union Council debates/votes on the policies and rules of the Students' Union and scrtunises monthly accountability reports submitted by the full-time officers. All students are welcome to attend meetings of the Union Council however only Council Members can exercise voting rights.

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There are now a total of 64 new societies at Sussex, an amazing array of groups spanning academic, fundraising, special interest, cultural and more.

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Fri 23 Nov 2018

Hal, President of the Dog Walking society, has joined the Societies Committee as a Rep after Edward stepped down.

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Fri 16 Nov 2018

One of the Society Reps has stepped down and there is a vacant position on the Societies Committee.

Societies have elected 2 reps to Union Council

Tue 30 Oct 2018

Two Society Reps have been elected to Union Council.

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The Society Reps have approved 40 new and returning societies so far this term. The Society Reps meet every week during term time to decide on matters affecting societies, including applications to start and re-affiliate societies.


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