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Register your society for 2019/20

Every year societies hand over to a new committee. The deadline to fill out the form and remain affiliated is Friday 10th May, the end of spring term 2019.

Societies who have not handed over by this date risk being disaffiliated from the Students' Union, and not being able to attend Freshers' Fair in Spetember or secure any room bookings.

There is more information about society handover here.

To stay affiliated as an official society, please fill out this form and choose 'handover'.


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Register your society for 2019/20

Wed 06 Mar 2019

Every year societies hand over to a new committee. To stay affiliated as an official society fill out the affiliation form.

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Fri 08 Feb 2019

We're looking for a student who's passionate about societies to join the Societies Committee.

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In the Autumn Semester the society reps awarded a total of £12445.08 for a range of society activities and needs.

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