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Nominate a society for a Student Award!

Nominations are live for the Student Awards 2019! 

Nominate in 8 different categories, celebrating student achievements and commitments with 49 awards! Nominations close at midday on Monday 25th February.

Societies Awards

The societies category is open to both societies and student media groups at Sussex, and the nominations you submit will be read by the panel of judges. Submit your nomination here: www.sussexstudent.com/studentawards/nominate

Who’s on the panel? There are 6 Society Reps, the Activities Officer and 3 members of SU staff. The panel are responsible for shortlisting the nominations, and will choose 5 nominees for each category.

Who decides the winners? The Activities Officer and SU staff will pick the final winners.

Best New Society
This award goes to a newly established society that’s been proactive and made a big impact on campus since starting up. Societies started since 2017 are eligible for this award. We’re looking for nominations for groups who have hosted events, socials or meetings regularly, achieved some Sussex Leaf awards, got involved with the big events on campus like One World Week and established themselves as an up and coming, exciting society to join at Sussex. Let us know which new society stands out above the rest and why in your nomination.

Outstanding Society
We’re looking for the societies who work hard to make a positive difference to their members time at Sussex. Outstanding societies host multiple events, collaborate with other student groups and the local community, fundraise for charity, maintain an excellent social media presence and achieve a variety of Sussex Leaf Scheme awards; showing that the committee works as a team, managing their finances well, and consistently hand over the running of the society each year to ensure sustainability for years to come. What makes a society outstanding? Tell us in your nomination!

Most Improved Society
Societies evolve and change over the years, and the award for the most improved society goes to a group who have re-established a struggling or disaffiliated society. They may have been struggling financially and worked hard to turn this around with a new schedule of events, or changed the way they operate to be more inclusive and attracted a wave of new members. We’re looking for committees who have overcome difficulties and helped their society get back on track, and built up a positive reputation in the Sussex community. Let us know which societies have made improvements to be bigger and better this past year in your nomination.

Large Scale Society Event of the Year (50+ attendees) - New award for 2018/19!
Societies hold an amazing array of events; international and academic conferences, celebrations of faith or culture, spectacular performing arts shows and much more. This award recognises the hard work and dedication societies put into delivering a top rate, large scale event, with over 50 attendees. We’re looking for a group who have clearly worked as a team, likely collaborated with the Union Events team or an external organisation, produced great marketing and held a fantastic event. Tell us about an amazing event you’ve attended or been part of organising and what made it stand out in your nomination.

Small Scale Society Event of the Year (-50 attendees) - New award for 2018/19!
This award is for an event that may have been run by a smaller or newer society, or was for a smaller target audience, with around 50 attendees or less. The award recognises factors such as the brilliant teamwork, planning and marketing that made the event a success. If you attended an event like this, let us know what made it special in your nomination.

Society Committee of the Year
Behind every successful society is an amazing committee of students working together to make their society the best it can be. This award is for the committee who have demonstrated their ability to work well as a team, overcome challenges and collaborate with each other to run an inclusive, exciting, diverse society who have made a lasting impact on the Sussex community. Tell us about a committee you know who have worked hard to run a brilliant society, or a committee you’re proud to be part of and why in your nomination.

Contribution to Societies 
This is an award for an individual who has made a huge impact on either the society they’re part of, or have contributed to the community of over 200 societies at Sussex. They are committed, dedicated and may have worked across multiple societies to bring people together, ultimately demonstrating their passion and drive. Tell us about someone who’s made a difference within societies and how they have done this in your nomination.

Guest Speaker Event of the Year - New award for 2018/19!
Have you organised or attended an event with an amazing guest speaker this year? We’re looking to recognise the diverse array of events societies host that have been enhanced by the presence of a particularly interesting, impactful or relevant speaker (or panel of speakers). This is not just for political events; it may be an academic, political, spiritual, campaign or charitable cause, among other things. Let us know what impact having a guest speaker had on the event and what made it stand out in your nomination.

Submit your nomination here!


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