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Meet your newest Society Rep

Hal, President of the Dog Walking society, has joined the Societies Committee as a Rep after Edward stepped down. Congratulations and welcome to Hal!

Hal joins the rest of the committee as a Society Rep and will attend the next meeting on Tuesday 27th November.

There are 6 students elected from within societies to be Society Reps and sit on the Societies Committee each year. This year Stephen, the Ethnic Minority Students Officer, was also invited to join the Committee to represent the Part-time Officer team, and the Committee is chaired by Becky, the Activities Officer.

The Committee meet every week to review all of the funding applications that societies have made, with the intention of fairly distributing funding based on helping societies achieve their aims and objectives and provide great opportunities for their members. They are also responsible for checking new society applications to ensure that there are no duplicated groups, encouraging collaboration between existing and new societies and providing advice and support to new groups.

They Society Reps get involved in society development and are also responsible for shortlisting the nominations for the societies category of the annual Student Awards.

Anyone's welcome to attend a Societies Committee meeting. Check the agenda and minutes here to see what decisions have been made in the past and check when and where the next meeting will be held.


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