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How was the Societies Fund spent?

Societies are run by and for students. Our societies put on an array of fantastic events, from weekly meetings to large-scale performances and trips. As a testament to the interest in societies, students have created and are running over 230 of them to date! They remain a key way for students to meet new people, create friendships, and get involved.

Kpop society at the Reading inter-university competition.

Funding Allocation Breakdown

In the Autumn Semester the society reps awarded a total of £12445.08 for a range of society activities and needs. We received 50 funding applications over the term and rejected 7, but the majority were successful and from many different types of groups.

Equipment: Includes reusable promotional materials (there was a limit to non-reusable promotional materials i.e. posters of £10) such as banners, new equipment such as board games or craft material, and green resources such as reusable plates, cutlery and cups.

Transport: Includes rail (rail fare subsidy to London was capped at £10 per head and other transport was usually awarded on a subsidy of 40% per head), reimbursements for external speakers’ travel, etc. (It should be noted that due to the SU’s green policy we do not fund flights within Europe).

Events: Includes food and refreshments, decorations, venues, djs and so on. Money given to fund venue renting costs was on a loan basis and money made from ticket sales went into paying this back.

What have societies done with the money?

Politics Society - Tour of Parliament - Politics Society were awarded £250.00 to subsidise transport to a tour of Parliament. The society took 25 students and also allocated a select amount of tickets to First Generation Scholars.

Tamil Society - Meet and Greet - Tamil Society were awarded £25.00 for their first meet and greet. This went towards drinks and food. As a new society it was great to see them organising meetings, and their first event was a huge success with many people attending.

English Society - The Vagina Monologues - English Society were awarded £154.00 for copyright to The Vagina Monologues. The performance was in the Creativity Zone and open to all students.

Kpop Society - Reading Kpop competition - Kpop society were awarded £257.00 to subsidise 40% per head for transport to Reading for a kpop competition. The event was a great chance for the students to share their love of kpop with other societies across the UK and showcase their skills.

Craft Society - Christmas Crafting Material - Craft Society were awarded £30.00 for Christmas Card making materials. Craft Society has also applied to the Leaf Scheme and so far has been awarded bronze medals for Social, Communications, and Development leaves.

How much funding is left?

There is still around £7500 left in the Societies Fund and any society can apply! Click here to find out more and apply.

Benefits of the Societies Fund to students, the Students' Union and the University

It is undeniable that the societies fund has been a great asset to societies this semester. It has allowed for them to engage in fun and exciting activities, as well as provide spaces where students can socialise and make friends. For the SU, evidence of students taking environmental issues into consideration helps our Green Impact rating, and their dedication to use the funds to create inclusive spaces as shown by creating discounted tickets to events etc aids in our dedication to inclusivity. It also reinforces our commitment to student experience and leadership by enabling and facilitating their activities. On a University point, events such as the Hackathon and sending representatives to international conferences helps raise the Universities profile and enrich the student experience while studying here.

Nordic Society at the Meeting House.

Read the full report here.


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