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Become a Society Rep!

If you're passionate about societies and want to make a difference to students lives at Sussex, consider becoming a Society Rep. The Society Reps have a voting seat on the Societies Committee and are involved in allocating the Societies Fund, assessing new society applications, shortlisting the societies category for the Student Awards and more.

You don't need prior experience to be a Society Rep, you just have to be part of a society at Sussex. 

The committee usually meet every Tuesday during term time from 1.30 - 3pm, and for occassional ad-hoc meetings throughout the term. The Society Reps also get the opportunity to feed in to society development, working closely with the Activities Officer and Societies and Student Media Coordinator. 

The role will also give you great insight into how the Students' Union works, and your input will help shape the service offered to societies by the SU.

Nominate yourself here! 

Nominations close at 10:00 on Wednesday 21 November 2018 and polls open at 12:00 on Wednesday 21 November 2018.

Find out about the other Reps and more about the committee.

Read the full role description.


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64 new societies have started since September!

Thu 13 Dec 2018

There are now a total of 64 new societies at Sussex, an amazing array of groups spanning academic, fundraising, special interest, cultural and more.

Meet your newest Society Rep

Fri 23 Nov 2018

Hal, President of the Dog Walking society, has joined the Societies Committee as a Rep after Edward stepped down.

Become a Society Rep!

Fri 16 Nov 2018

One of the Society Reps has stepped down and there is a vacant position on the Societies Committee.

Societies have elected 2 reps to Union Council

Tue 30 Oct 2018

Two Society Reps have been elected to Union Council.

40 new groups have started this term!

Thu 25 Oct 2018

The Society Reps have approved 40 new and returning societies so far this term. The Society Reps meet every week during term time to decide on matters affecting societies, including applications to start and re-affiliate societies.


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