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What to do and How to do it: A Guide to Freshers

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What to do and How to do it: A Guide to Freshers 

No matter what type of student you see yourself as, all the way from an introvert to outgoing, there is something for everyone this Freshers Week. University of Sussex Students’ Union have yet again outdone themselves in their organisation and ability to put together a week of non-stop activities and events to accommodate every student and give you all a big, warm ‘Welcome to Sussex Uni’ hug (not literally though, that would probably take more than a week). All that there is left to do is to read this guide that will help you make the most of what will be one of the best, and busiest, weeks of your life. Enjoy, and we hope that your time at the University of Sussex is enlightening and fulfilling as it has been to so many students before.

Go to http://sussexstudent.com/freshers/ to download the mobile freshers app that will keep you updated on all of the Freshers Week events wherever you are, whenever you want.

Go to http://sussexstudent.com/freshers/about-our-freshers-week-events/ to find a calendar of events including sports and societies taster sessions, USSU run nights out in town and in campus bars.


The USSU take pride in always creating an outstanding Freshers Week, and this year is no different. With events to suit everyone’s taste, have a look on www.sussexstudent.com/freshers to see which events you will enjoy. Be warned, tickets sell out very fast for all events so if you are certain you want to go, then buy a ticket! Gold wristbands are also available to purchase for those of you that are keen to go to all of the events and experience everything that Sussex has to offer. From the memorable Welcome Sunday Party to the Postgrad coffee morning we have made sure that Freshers week will be a week of events that all Sussex students will remember!

Taster Sessions

Do you play a sport? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be part of the Mohawks Ultimate Frisbee team who have been national champions two years in a row? Taster sessions are a fantastic way of really getting to know the student body and the sports we have to offer. Have a look on www.sussexstudent.com/freshers to find out when you can have a taste of the student life, whether you are a professional, an enthusiast or just keen to experience what the Sussex campus has to offer. If you are worried about going alone then take somebody along, the more the merrier. Everyone is in the same position as you, so don’t be afraid of trying things out, even by yourself as there will always be new friendships to create. Sussex is known for its warm welcomes, so come and try out a few sports and be part of Team Sussex!


If you don’t feel like leaving campus then go and try out one of our campus bars or cafés. With lots of events going on in East Slope bar, why don’t you get to know your new housemates over a drink, a meal or game of pool?

Tours: campus, library, union

Take as many tours as possible during freshers week. The library tours are especially helpful as you could be lost in there for days. The Union tours in Falmer house are also a fantastic way of getting to know the union, who works there and what services are on offer.

Freshers fair

Do you have a hobby or would like to experience what happens when thousands of students come together to share ideas, loves, hobbies, and creativity? One of the most important events of freshers week, the freshers fair is your way of finding out all about the sports teams and societies that Sussex students have created and developed since the university was first built. Have a walk around and sign up to some societies. Even if you don’t end up going to society meetings, you can still get more information on what goes on in the day to day life of a Sussex student. Make sure to sign up to RAG, Sussex Uni’s society devoted to raising and giving to charities!

Other Tips

- Try the farmers market on a Tuesday in Falmer Square. Fresh fruit and veg, vintage clothing, second hand books and DVDs, and so much more!

- Get to know Brighton. Go for a walk around during the day, or see if there are any tours on offer. Brightonian nights, one of USSU’s fresher events is a great way to see Brighton by night.

- Ask questions. Any concerns you have, any advice you need, or if you just want to meet new people, talk to neighbours, housemates, coursemates. You are all in your first year together so make the most of it! USSU Welcome team will also be around for the whole week in their red tshirts ready to answer any questions. Don’t be afraid to go and say hi, they are all students and have survived freshers week for more than one year!

- Look out for RAG events! Wednesday 24th September marks the first RAG picnic! Bring along your housemates and friends to sit in the sun and enjoy a relaxing lunch overlooking the Sussex campus.

- The last, but probably the most important tip of this guide, is to have fun! Fresher’s week is for you, whether you want to go to all of the events or not. Personalise your Freshers week into something that you will enjoy and always remember. Good luck in your studies and if you want to make your university experience that much more fulfilling then don’t forget to join RAG!


Be still and know.

Written by Vanessa Summers, Internal Communications, Sussex RAG


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