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Freshers Revisited: Buddy Scheme Social

The Buddy Scheme Welcome Party took place on Friday 16th September. The Buddy Scheme is a system run by the Sussex Student Union to match new students looking for a buddy to current Sussex students who are a part of the Buddy Scheme. You may be looking for a buddy because you are new to the university and would like a friend to do social activities with - which is why I signed up, or perhaps you are an international student and would like help with being a student in Sussex: as coming to a new country, let alone starting University, can lead you to become very nervous and confused about where everything is. A buddy can help you with navigation as well as help you with the language barriers.

The Welcome Party was social, fun and full of activities to try with your new buddy - and other students too. New and old students were all in attendance, from undergraduates at the end of their degrees and postgraduates at the start of theirs! I had a lot of fun and if you went too - or even if you didn't attend, I suggest thinking about taking part in the upcoming Buddy Scheme events if this is something you may be interested in, as there's a lot of options to choose from!

After the Buddy Scheme Event, most people headed to Falmer bar for some nice hot food whilst waiting for the firework display that marks the end of a very hectic and enjoyable Freshers week. The firework display was incredibly beautiful and exhilarating - although that first big bang did scare the life out of everyone!

Freshers Week finally ended in perfect celebratory manner and not only did it mark the end of a memorable Freshers week, but the start of our hard work and success here at The University of Sussex.

This piece was written by a Student Communications Volunteer. If you're interested in having your work published by The Students' Union - please email digital@sussexstudent.com


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