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NUS conference and Ethical & Environmental Rep election results

Hundreds of students voted this week for students to represent them at National Union of Student (NUS) conferences. A number of students were also automatically elected.

We want to thank everyone who took part as a voter or candidate.

Any complaints concerning the conduct of an election should be raised with the Returning Officer or with the Deputy Returning Officer - returning@sussexstudent.com

Any objection to the result of an election must be submitted in writing to the Returning Officer, within four clear days of the posting of the result, i.e. 5pm Wednesday 25 February 2015.

Where there were the same number or fewer candidates as places, students were automatically elected.

NUS National Conference

Holly Rigby Lewenstein - automatically elected as half of our delegates must be women

Bethan Hunt - automatically elected as half of our delegates must be women

216 votes cast - 16 abstentions

Initial quota is 72

Michael Segalov - 65
Abraham Baldry - 48
Daniel Green - 46
Max O'Donnell-Savage - 32
Jaja Jasper Chinedum - 20
Declan McClean - 3
Mustafa Madni - 2

No one reaches the threshold so Mustafa, Declan and Jaja are excluded and their votes transferred

Michael Segalov - 70
Abraham Baldry - 53
Daniel Green - 50
Max O'Donnell-Savage - 35

The quota is now 69.34. Michael has reached the threshold and is therefore elected. His surplus votes are transferred. Max is excluded and his votes transferred.

Abraham Baldry - 60
Daniel Green - 57.66

The quota is now 58.83 and Abraham is therefore elected.

Michael SegalovMichael Segalov

Giving US a voice (again)

Last year I campaigned for free educaiton and an end to rip of rents, now I would love to go back, and make a stand about issues that matter to students at Sussex:

  • Campaign for more accessible higher education
  • More power within NUS for Liberation campaigns
  • Campaign against any Student Loan Book Sell Off
  • Vote against extortionate campus rents nationally
  • Vote for policy I've written to move Union's away from chairitable status that limits work we do
  • NUS support students taking part in protest and activism
  • Campaign against higher fees for international students

Abraham Baldry

Black Students Conference

Jaja Jasper Chinedum - automatically selected

Disabled Students Conference

Max O'Donnell-Savage - automatically elected

LGBT Students Conference

Dan Greenberg

Dan Greenberg - Open place - automatically elected

Yes We Dan (take two)

After 6 months as USSU Operations Officer, I want to represent LGBTQ students at Sussex on a national level. Campaigning in Sainsbury's at the Big Kiss In and on the 'I <3 Consent' campaign is just a start. I want to:

  • Campaign to tackle homelessness and poverty in LGBTQ youth.
  • Tackle everyday homophobia and transphobia.
  • Support the MSM blood donation campaign.
  • Work to support LGBTQ youth with eating disorders and mental health issues.

I want the next 6 months to be even better than the last - YES WE DAN

Abraham Baldry - Open place - automatically elected

Emily Pinto - Woman's place - automatically elected

I am currently the LGBTQ representative for the Union and involved in the committees of Sussex LGBTQ and Queersoc. I am concerned with the issues that affect LGBTQ individuals and am passionate about getting our voices heard to make real changes.

I would like to attend NUS LGBT conference to learn more about what other unions do for their LGBTQ members, to form strong networks with other officers from around the country, and to get involved in policy making.

PippaPippa Sterk - Black student's place - automatically elected

Beauty in Diversity

As Vice-Chair and Welfare Officer for Sussex LGBTQ, I’ve seen the diversity and the potential that our community has. I would be extremely grateful to represent this community at the NUS Conference.

Kristopher George - Trans student's place - automatically elected

I would love to have the opportunity to go to the NUS LGBT conference this year. I have learnt a lot in the past year and have become increasingly aware of issues that I can bring forwards to the conference. I would bring Sussex’s voice to NUS and take the opportunity to discuss issues for trans students at University with students from all over the UK, to make life easier and happier and follow work that has already been done such as gender neutral toilets. It would be great to be a part of the wider community again. 

Women Students Conference

SubiraSubira Wahogo - Black woman's place - automatically elected

As a queer black woman, I know how vital representation is. As a committed feminist and anti-racist campaigner I can unflinchingly represent issues, and champion the voices of women at Sussex. Through being in groups like Oxford Black Women’s Group, QTIPOC Brighton, and the Queer Café, and my experiences fighting everyday racism, sexism, and queerphobia, I am passionate about demanding space for marginalised voices in feminist organising. I’m keen to build links with feminist activists across the country, rally behind motions and participate wholeheartedly. I promise to return with great resources, fresh ideas and new alliances for feminist campaigns.

Open places - 170 votes cast - 22 abstentions

Initial quota is 56.67

Rianna Garguilo - 83
Miriam Steiner - 50
Vee Cartwright - 37

Rianna is therefore elected and her surplus votes transferred

Miriam Steiner - 63.92
Vee Cartwright - 49.18

Miriam is therefore elected

Rianna Gargiulo - Open place

You can stand under my umbrella

I've been your Welfare Officer for six months and have worked on women’s issues:

  • I launched our I Heart Consent campaign and have worked with students to deliver workshops across campus
  • I supported the national movement for #FreePeriods; backing the motion for conference and securing profit-free periods here

As your delegate I will continue the feminist fight, prioritising tackling misogyny and lad culture, and strengthening University responses to sexual violence.

As lead officer for a number of USSU campaigns, I have the experience necessary to vote confidently on behalf of Sussex, and with your welfare in mind.

MiriamMiriam Steiner - Open place

Vote Miriam and Femslate!

As campaigns officer for Sussex Feminist Society and comment sub-editor of The Badger, I've heard the opinions of many women from different backgrounds, and I would love the opportunity to represent their voices.

I’ve submitted a motion on the production of resources by NUS that can help us to change our curriculum to stop the erasure of women's contributions to academia. This can lead to a future that is more reflective of the women who have pioneered in many fields.

I also hope to advocate for improved advertisement of women in leadership programmes and the rights of international women students.

LyndsayLyndsay Burtonshaw - Other liberation group's place

156 votes cast - 18 abstentions

Initial quota is 78

Lyndsay Burtonshaw - 94
Pippa Sterk - 48
Re-open Nominations - 14

Lyndsay has exceeded the threshold and is therefore elected

B-Shaw to Vote for Burtonshaw!

As Sussex Activities Officer and a queer woman, I expanded my role to raise social justice issues through Activities.

I have:

  • Implemented I Heart Consent workshops for all sports/societies committees
  • Worked with I, Too Am Sussex to promote a specifically intersectional liberated curriculum
  • Introduced gender neutral sport
  • Rallied students around LGBTQ History Month to promote intersectionality and campus community
  • Feminist-led Role Models peer-mentor project
  • Have helped put decision-making with survivors of sexual violence

I want to use my experience working with our men’s teams on misogyny to promote community-inclusive reactions to “lad culture”.

Ethical & Environmental Reps

Mustafa Madni - automatically elected

Being a second year student at Sussex I've realised that Union make that life safer, fairer and healthier through their policies. I believe that we should improve the ethical standards so that students feel safer and generally healthy on campus.  Now the energy costs are rising and funding for universities is falling I believe it is crucial that we put a green agenda at the heart of student union and create a ethical code of practice that reflects the values of university. I am also looking forward to green car scheme with car pooling facility for students to save money.


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