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What should change here? Nominate yourself and make change happen

The Students’ Union will open up hundreds of positions for election over the course of the next few months, as we search for a new wave of enthusiastic individuals to get involved with changing the student experience at Sussex for the better.

Nominations are now open for all of our positions, both full-time paid positions and part-time voluntary positions, encompassing everything from NUS conference delegates to Student Reps.

You can nominate yourself for the following positions.

Student Reps

Student Reps seek out the views of their fellow students and represent these to their department, their school and the University. For the University and the Students' Union, Reps are an important way of listening to the student voice and responding to student concerns about teaching and learning.

Student Reps are important because they have the influence to change things about their course that may be affecting both themselves and their peers. This allows them to develop their confidence in formal, decision-led situations and forges a working relationship between students and staff.

Roughly two reps are elected per school per year group, although this may vary. Each rep is only responsible for a reasonably sized group of their peers - thus allowing a smaller time commitment so as to not impact on either a Rep’s studies or other commitments.

Student reps have been responsible for:

  • Improving the amount of resources available to students in the library
  • Creating dedicated social spaces for students on the same course
  • Organising socials for students who are part of the same school
  • Addressing difficulties concerning online submission of coursework

Nominate yourself now at www.sussexstudent.com/elections


Representative Officers are responsible for improving situations in the community and the University for the students they represent - ensuring Sussex is a safe, welcoming place to live and study from people from a diverse background of student experience. 

There are five Representatives, representing the following groups of students:

  • Student Parents

  • Mature Students

  • Part-Time Students

  • First Generation Scholars Students

  • International Students

Representatives actively work to ensure that the views and needs of the relevant group are considered within the Union and University community.

Nominate yourself now at www.sussexstudent.com/elections

LGBTQ Part-time Officer

Our previous LGBTQ part-time officer had to unfortunatley step down. We are looking for a candiate to represent the views of LGBTQ students.

Nominate yourself now at www.sussexstudent.com/elections


With so many people joining to nominate themselves for roles they’re passionate about, it’s important to stake a claim for a position in which you feel you can improve the student experience for Sussex, IDS and BSMS students..

Whilst you can nominate yourself for any Union position at this moment in time - nominations will close for both Representative Officers (Student Parents’ Representative, First Generation Scholar Representative, Part-Time Students’ Representative, International Students’ Representative, and Mature Students’ Representative) and Student Reps at 5pm on Thursday 27th September.


So… this is your chance. Get involved with something challenging, rewarding and exciting that can really help to enhance your time here, giving you an understanding of the way the Union and the University work and allowing you to get to know a wide variety of people.

Students need a variety of voices and views to represent them so nominate yourself now to be part of making things better. No experience is required and training is provided.

The Students' Union is run by students, for students and taking part in elections as a candidate and voter is a key way this happens.

You can read more about the available roles and the elections at www.sussexstudent.com/elections


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What should change here? Nominate yourself and make change happen

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