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Success in The Sussex Fund

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In November of 2017, I sat down amidst my lab reports and coursework to write a funding bid. A funding bid to bring new life into a society that myself and many others take huge pride in running! The newly named 'Sussex Cycling and The Bike Shack' is an evolvement of what was re:Cycle and Freewheelers, we still rent bikes, we still repair bikes and we now have 3 bike rides a week too! 


We felt the freedom we had discovered through cycling should be shared, no one should have to tolerate massive fees, getting ripped off or buying a second hand bike with a seemingly unending stream of problems. Fundamentally, we love cycling and this funding bid was about support our empassioned approach to sharing the love of that sense of freedom!

Before the holidays our numbers were small, we were content in our little group not realising the opportunities that could unfold. Since the fund came through we have better tools, better workstands, and a place to put all these things in falmer house! (Also chairs courtesy of Nathan Catt).

Our small team of volunteers before the fund I can't thanks enough, Richard, Ed and Horatio most of all. Without them the motivation to write this bid would not have materialised. To all of those who have just joined us I wish the warmest of welcomes, I hope you love what you learn to do as much as the OG crew love what we do! Massive shout out to Yi for putting in some serious hours, as well as Rosie and Ellie!

A special thanks to Nathan Catt, who's ferried us about, booked us vans, checked our risk assesements over in sub zero temperatures and generally been a huge support! Also to Aarun Palmer, who's being swamped with emails, requests and orders and does amazing work in getting stuff to us quickly!

If you swing by the shed you'll be able to see all our fancy new tools, you can sign up as a volunteer and follow our training guide (each level gets new perks and a certificate), or come by and enjoy our soon to see tea and coffee!

Keep it wheel and I'll see you by at The Bike Shack,



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Success in The Sussex Fund

Tue 20 Feb 2018

Following a huge funding bid placed to the Sussex fund we have secured close to 9grand of funding for developing our society on campus.

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Tue 20 Feb 2018

Did you know there was a bike shop on campus? Well, there is! Located in the north east corner on the ground floor of Falmer house The Bike Shack exists to fix your bike every weekday 12-4pm.

Sussex Cycling

Sat 13 May 2017

In order to save confusion in the operation of each constituent part of cycling at Sussex, cycle soc, freewheelers and re:cycle, we're merging operations under Sussex Cycling.
The societies remain separate entities in themselves, but we run things under one roof!
We'll be doing a rebrand before September, to make ourselves for accessible than ever!
We've got lots of exciting plans for the next year and beyond so be sure to sign up and help out!


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