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Make new friends | Join the Buddy Scheme

Student at a Buddy Scheme event Student at a Buddy Scheme event

Coming to university can often feel lonely, especially if you've not met your crowd yet. 

The Sussex Buddy Scheme is here to help you:

  • Meet new people - Sign up as a Buddy Scheme participant and you will be matched with another student based on your preferences. They will help you make the most of your time here.
  • Feel connected to the Sussex community - Come along to weekly free coffee and cake meetups, meet other students on the Buddy Scheme and take a well-deserved break from the library.
  • Try something new - Try out Zorbakk, a cookery class or visit new places like Oxford and Bath. We run events for all tastes.
  • Stay updated - Receive a weekly newsletter to keep you updated on all our latest events and activities.
  • Look after your wellbeing - Every Friday Buddy members get free weekly yoga sessions - a nice way to unwind at the end of the week!

Take your first step to new friendships and connections by joining the Buddy Scheme here: www.buddyscheme.com/apply 

Got a question? Please don’t hesitate to contact us: buddyscheme@sussexstudent.com


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