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ActiveUS Zombie Run

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31 October 2016

The day started off like any other – with a giant mug of coffee, and disdain about a 9am seminar. Yet, something in the air felt different about today…something dead-ish.

After plodding through lectures and seminars (consuming no less than three more mugs of coffee) Jen arrived in Library Square around 3:00pm to meet some other members of the Athletics Club, and find out our marshalling assignments for the ActiveUS “Zombie Run”. We were greeted by a rather dead-looking group of ActiveUS coordinators, excited to start the event! Megan, the running activator, as well as Athletics Club Cross-Country Captain, passed around hi-viz vests and sent us on our way.

Eleanor Giddings, Athletics Social Sec, and Jen, Athletics VP, were stationed in the fields above Northfield. Having both lived there last year, they realised that this was our first time returning in almost six months and things got a little nostalgic… Until they realised how long the walk back was, and how much they disliked climbing that hill behind the residence.

 #views from the top 

The girls got to their stations and waited for the runners to come through. The view was super beautiful, and Jen felt the need to send at least ten snapchats. “It’s too pretty not to share!” she said, to no one in particular. “Days like this make me love Brighton even more.”

Eleanor and Jen were ready to direct the runners…ahem, zombies, when they started coming through. A member of the Athletics Club, Carla Sadler, participated in the run. “It was a lot of fun! Megan [ActiveUs Running Activator] put together a really nice course!”

Once the race finished, the marshals collected up direction signs and crime scene tape, which they’re 99.5% certain was from the race, and headed back down to Library Square for some photos and cake! Athletics member, and sports scholar, Calum Upton felt his energy levels were quite low after doing a stellar job marshalling – and felt it appropriate to consume around ten slices of delicious homemade treats! Overall, the event was a smashing success, and we enjoyed every zombie-filled minute helping out ActiveUS!

Well done to Megan Lloyd, and the rest of the ActiveUS crew for putting on a wonderfully spooky event! Happy Halloween!


Members (L-R): Tom Murphy, Harry Pink, Calum Upton, Megan Lloyd, Jen Schreurs, Chris Brown

Not pictured: Carla Sadler (participant); Eleanor Giddings (photographer)


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