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Jellyfish - Introduction to Digital Marketing

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Jellyfish – Introduction to Digital Marketing



On the 24th February, the University of Marketing society held its inaugural event with guest speakers from local digital marketing agency Jellyfish. Overall it was a highly engaging, informative and enjoyable hour and a half with Head of Earned Media Nick Fettiplace and his colleague Josh Salvage, SEO Manager. 


Kicking off the event, Fettiplace dove into covering what digital marketing entails and what services Jellyfish offer to their clients. He spoke about ‘Pay per Click’ campaigns where advertisers pay Google in order to get their website higher up on Google’s search page, and how this often leads to bidding wars between companies offering to pay higher for specific key words. 


Search engine optimisation (SEO) was also covered, with him explaining how brands need exposure and traffic through search engines and social networks, and SEO was about increasing this through listening to the web and understanding search trends to increase a brand’s visibility within the organic search landscape. 


After briefly discussing the complimenting digital marketing services such as analytics, creative development, UX, email, video production, display, as well as Jellyfish’s digital marketing courses, Fettiplace spoke about Jellyfish’s role in the marketing and advertising world, namely their partnership with Google and role in acting as a middle man between Google and brands that want to advertise on it.


After this introduction, Fettiplace covered his own career journey leading up to his current position at Jellyfish as Head of Earned Media. In a thoroughly engaging 20 minutes, he explained how he started by setting up websites to local areas and optimised them to gain traffic and attention. Following this, he co-founded ‘WeeDoo Media’ with partner Edward Ball, which was later acquired by Jellyfish. He stressed the importance of taking initiative and following ideas, relaying a refreshing mantra reminding all that if you don’t do something – someone else will and there’s no reason that they may do it better. 


Google and it’s relationship with digital media was then spoken about in great detail, with significance placed on the recent growth of the digital world put simply by Fettiplace as ‘We no longer go online, we live online’.  


He touched upon the concept of the ZMOT or Zero Moment of Truth, which is the moment in between a consumer finding the Stimulus (the thing which encourages the searching, or looking for information on a product or service) and the First Moment of Truth, which is seeing the product on the ‘shelf’. 



The ZMOT is the new online decision-making moment – for example, as they learn more about the product and are even able to read reviews and make decisions before the ‘shelf’ stage. This is where digital marketing firms such as Jellyfish target, attempting to understand the user journey and position their clients within these various phases, with the right message, right audience at the right time. 


He also explained how Google is becoming more and more personalised, with its use of reserved content coming from user’s calendars, email inbox and previous searches to increase engagement through ‘cookies’, and how it allows Google to serve contextually relevant content based on things like location and upcoming events. 



Towards the end of his speech Fettiplace spoke about this importance of data in digital advertising, and how it provides a way for clients to measure the success of their campaigns with a wealth of demographic information. For example, how seasons influence user behaviour and product searches and how to capitalise on this by adjusting campaign start times, what age, gender etc. are engaged most, and where competitors are focussing their attention. 


The result of this is clients being able to deliver targeted and measurable campaigns that each the right audience, at the right time, with the right message. This marked the end of his talk, and he introduced his colleague at Jellyfish, Josh Salvage. 


Salvage also spoke about his journey and how, from not knowing what path he wanted to follow, he grew his skills and knowledge in SEO through taking an internship and starting his blog where he was able to practice the methods he was learning on his own platform, leading to a successful application to Jellyfish. He gave crucial job tips speaking about the importance of experience, passion, creative thinking, positivity, the will to succeed and initiative with emphasis on remaining honest and personable when entering the industry and interviewing, a message often lost in current interview advice. 


Overall the event was a definite success with all credit to the speakers for providing truly stimulating and thought providing talking points for members of the Marketing Society to take away. 



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