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Your chance to change things - three referenda announced

Students will be voting on three different referenda questions later this month to decide what campaigns and policies the Union should support.

The three questions are:

  • Should the Students' Union continue to hold a policy in support of the BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanction) movement?
  • Should the Students' Union implement a policy opposing the government's Prevent legislation?
  • Should the Students' Union adopt the proposed Gender Equality policy?

Details about each referendum and its objectives can be found in The Badger.

Voting on the policy will take place between 30th April to 4th May. Students will be able to vote at sussexstudent.com/elections.

If you want to be an official campaigner for or against any of the referenda questions, email returning@sussexstudent.com by 9am on Monday 23rd April. Being an official campaigner means you can write the argument for or against a proposal and have access to resources to persuade people to vote in a particular way.

Find out more about referenda.


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