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University Invests Additional £20k In Sports Coaching

It has been confirmed that the University will fund the extra £20,000 sport needs to fund its coaching budget for 2016/17. Due to the massive increase in students wanting to be involved in sport, our program has had to increase to cater for the need.

This additional investment provided by the university will also allow for the coaching of several new sports teams, namely:

  • Rugby men’s 3rd Team

  • Football women’s 2nd team

  • Rugby women’s 2nd team

  • Lacrosse men’s/women’s 1st team

  • Squash men’s 3rd team

Finally, the £20k will also cover a 5% pay increase for our coaches (whose pay has remained stagnant for the past 7 years), as well as covering 4 hours of coach travel for away teams (previously 3 hours), in order to encourage games with clubs from further afar.

Additional funds allocated from the university’s health and safety budget have also resulted in the addition of medical support, including an ambulance, at all major sports events held on campus. Student safety is always of foremost importance to the union, and as such we are delighted to confirm that we will have the prerequisite medical services to deal with any potential maladies suffered by either players, staff or spectators.

All in all, this represents a fantastic opportunity for Sussex Sport and the Students’ Union to make sport on campus more inclusive and accessible to all those want to get involved with sport in a safe and welcoming environment.


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