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Brighton Soup comes to Sussex


Friday 21 April 2017
6pm - 9:30pm
IDS Cafe, Library Road

BrightonSoup is a fun, community, Dragon's Den – where you get to be a dragon and it’s coming to Sussex!

BrightonSoup is a fun, community, Dragon's Den – where you get to be a dragon and it’s coming to Sussex!

Come to our Soup event, pay £3 entry and, if you can, bring some food to share. Once settled we all listen to 4 people each give a short pitch for a community project they are passionate about. You get to ask a few questions, then we all eat, chat, discuss the projects, socialise, meet new people listen to some music and then vote on which project we liked best. The winner gets all the ticket money,hopefully enough to get something started!

Why Soup? It’s a cheap, healthy and very tasty way of feeding people so all the door money can go to the winning project.

Inspired by detroitsoup.com, we’re doing it Brighton & Hove style.

For project submissions:
Brighton Soup is a great way to raise money, build community support and get connections to local resources that can help you carry out your project. Spend a fun evening with food, drink, live music and an opportunity to persuade a group of friendly people to fund your community project.

What kind of community projects?
All ideas are welcome: a business idea, free service, workshop or some way of making your local environment better, nicer, cleaner. It could be educational, artistic, inspirational, purely functional or just desperately needed. We don’t limit, we just pick four of the best ones. As long as it is charitable and benefits the local people in some way, we consider it.

How do I present?
We usually have 4 projects to be pitched. When it’s your turn you stand up and speak for 4 minutes, explaining what your project is and how the money would help. Then answer a few audience questions. If you’re passionate about the project then there’s a good chance the audience will be too!

Can I use a video or slideshow?
Nope, we like it old school. You just stand up and talk. Or if you’re really shy, get someone to do it for you. You can bring some posters and leaflets to put out, but for your presentation no electronics. You can bring a prop, artwork or costume if it helps.

What if my project uses technology?
Let us know and we’ll talk about it.

Feeling a bit nervous?
We offer pitch training if you’re not used to doing something like this. We have some great people to advise and help you figure what to say, picking out the important parts you need to get across – and how best to say it.

Eating & Voting
We will have 4 or 5 delicious soups prepared for us by local chefs, mostly gluten free vegetarian/vegan and a selection of breads, cakes and other tasty items that people have brought along. So now it’s time to get some food and mingle. It may sound daunting, but this isn’t a room full of hard-faced investors, these are really friendly people who came along because they want to get involved and help. They paid the entry donation knowing it’s going to do some good.
Some people will come looking for you anyway. They may have questions or want to offer you help – materials or skills, offers of training or volunteers. You’re connecting with people, getting your idea out there and you’re surrounded by people wanting to get involved. It’s not all about the money. After ¾ hour or so depending on how busy it is, we close the vote.

Then it’s time to count votes and money. It may be nail-biting time for you, but we hope to pass the time with our raffle draw and some great musical entertainment. Then we announce the night’s winner! It can be a fun evening, where you get a chance to meet interesting people who may be able to help you with your project. We can’t promise you’ll win, but we believe you will find it a genuinely rewarding experience.

So who can pitch?
Any students at Sussex! You don’t have to be part of an organisation or business. You don’t need a “business plan” or anything formal. The only condition is that it has to be something charitable that will benefit the communities of Brighton & Hove. So it can just be you with a really great idea that you want to get started, asking for money and help. 

You can download the proposal form here. The deadline for submissions is the 24th of March.

Please email completed forms to Sarah at societycitizenship@sussexstudent.com.

If you have any access requirements please email access@sussexstudent.com. For more information about this event please email