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Candidate for the position of NUS national conference delegate

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May Gabriel

Keeping student welfare in NUS

As your current Welfare Officer my role is to protect and fight for the interests of students who are part of liberation and minority communities - in order to do this with the NUS I need to attend the national conference and fight and vote for keeping student welfare and liberation at the heart of the NUS.

The NUS is having a difficult time at the moment and is at a cross roads. This years national conference will be the place where so many important and key decisions about the future of the NUS are made - I am asking you to elect me as an NUS conference delegate so I can fight to make sure that student welfare remains at the heart of the NUS.

Already this year the NUS turnaround board has removed the positions of International Students' Officer and the Trans and Non-binary liberation Officer. This decision has impaced two of the most vulnerable groups on our campuses at the moment and I think it's appalling - I want to argue against these decisions, and vote to prevent the NUS from making any further decisions which will negatively impact some of our most vulnerable groups on campus.