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Candidate for the position of NUS Black Students' Conference delegate

Image for Izuchukwu Goodluck Anugwom

Izuchukwu Goodluck Anugwom

Pride in the Great Blackhood.

Am Anugwom Izuchukwu Goodluck from Nigeria (most populated black country in the world), studying MA International Relations.

Raising and defending the uniqueness of the black race and placing her among and on equal level and standard to be seen as equals among other races of the world. To be elected for this post will help me build on this and achieve it with my fellow blacks who I think will find this worth working for. 

I think through this I will be able to tackle racism from its root and uprooting it from our cultural and academic structure. I hope to achieve this through awareness and holding sensitisation seminars as I carry the agendas from the seminar to NUS conferences.