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Students' Union Elections

There are currently no elections running

The Students' Union election took place between 23rd - 27th March 2020 online. Here are the results!



Information on Students' Union elections

Our elections run in a similar way to the UK's General Election.

  • Each year, current students (all students are automatically members of the Students' Union) vote for representatives called Officers.

  • Any current student can put themselves forward as a candidate (nominate themselves) and their application is then supported by their peers. 

  • All students are asked to vote for which candidates they would best like to represent them, based on their manifesto (plan of action).

  • Students vote online by ranking the candidates in order of preference. 

  • Voting happens during Election Week

  • We use the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system to calculate the winner.

How to vote 

Select the election below and the roles you wish to vote for. When you're voting you can rank the candidates in order of preference.

If you experience problems voting, please email support@sussexstudent.com as soon as possible so we can resolve these for you.

If you have any complaints about the conduct of candidates or the elections process, you can contact the Returning Officer at returning@sussexstudent.com. Complaints about candidates must be raised no later than one hour after the close of voting (5pm on 27th March), and complaints about the elections process must be raised no later than one week after voting closes. You can find out more about complaints under section 4.17 of the Rules.


More about the roles

Full-time Officers

Part-Time Officers

Student Trustees


No elections are currently running