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Election Dates

Voting Opens: Monday 28th October at 12pm (midday)

Voting Closes: Thursday 1st November at 5pm


What do Representatives do?

There are five Representatives, each representing one of the following groups:

  • International Students’ Representative 
  • Part-Time Students’ Representative 
  • Mature Students’ Representative
  • Student Parents’ Representative 
  • First Generation Scholars' Representative

You can do these roles on your own, or as a Role Share. 

Term of Office:

54 weeks, commencing after election.


Qualifications for Role:

Must be a current student at the University of Sussex or Brighton & Sussex Medical School and be a full member of the Students’ Union who identifies themselves as belonging to one of the defined groups; .


Main Purpose of Role:

The Representative work to proactively represent the rights of the students in their specific student groups. They ensure that the Students’ Union as a whole takes the views and needs of these students into account, and undertake projects and campaigns to support their student groups. They will proactively represent these students’ rights on and off campus.


They actively work to ensure that the views and needs of the relevant group are considered within the Union and University community. They sit on Union Council, Student Voice Steering Group, University Student Experience Forum and other relevant committees.

They work closely with all full-time officers including the Welfare Officer on relevant local and national campaigns and events.

The Representatives shall:

  1. Attend meetings of Union Council (2 hours once a month), Union’s Equality & Diversity Steering Group (2 hours once a month), Student Voice Steering Group (1 ½ hours every fortnight), University Student Experience Forum(2 hours once a term) and other Union and University meetings as notified.

  2. Proactively championing the rights and needs of a specific student group, in the Students’ Union and on campus.

  3. Devlop and maintain active links with the relevant group/society and work with them to fulfil the above aims.  Where there is no active group/society, work with Union officers towards the formation of such a group.

  4. To feed into the development and oversight of the Students’ Union’s equality and diversity work.

  5. To talk to students electronically and face-to-face and share their concerns and ideas with the relevant groups or to sign-post them to the relevant people.

  6. To update the Full-Time Elected Officers and Students’ Union staff on issues facing the students they represent.

  7. To campaign for change using student ideas and concerns as a focus by working with the Students’ Union, NUS and the wider community to inform, support and create change.

  8. To promote and bring about change based on manifesto promises.

  9. To act as a responsible member of the Students’ Union Student Voice Steering Group

  10. To be professional in fulfilling their elected role and duties.


Who can be a Representative?

Students standing and voting for these positions should self-identify as a member of the relevant group.

What support do Representatives get?

You can expect support and advice from Full-time Union officers and Union staff, as well as development opportunities and access to a funding pot to enact your manifesto and support the students you represent.