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Current Policies

Title Decision at Background Policy Status Review Progress
Cheaper and Easier Travel to Campus Referenda, Autumn 2017

This was a manifesto point of Frida, the Students’ Union President of 2017/18. Many students have  reported several issues both anecdotally and in surveys, such as the Loop, regarding traveling to campus, via either  bike, bus, car and train services, and this motion aims to create a platform from which the Union can address these issues more easily. Some of these issues include: the increase of bus ticket prices in recent years, , extremely busy public transport services during peak hours, insufficient university car parking spaces, insufficient bike racks, and consistently poor train service.

Policy Aim: Ensure that cheaper and easier transport is a key priority for the work of the Union, regularly collect and report evidence of students’ experience to relevant authorities regarding the issues students have when traveling to campus and implement a number of initiatives to make traveling to campus better for students.

Policy Objectives:

If implemented, this policy will mandate the Students’ Union to;

  • Lobby bus and train companies to make bus and train services better suitable for student needs, and to not increase their ticket prices beyond the rate of inflation.

  • Lobby the University to provide better service for students cycling or driving to campus, and increase the number of bike racks and parking spaces available.

  • Record ticket prices for relevant bus and train services annually, to monitor change and increase in ticket prices. The Union will also annually record the price of parking permits and passes and number of parking spaces available. These will all be shared with students, and used when lobbying for cheaper and better services.

  • Consult students each year on what issues they have relating to travelling to and from campus. These consultations will be written up and taken to Union Council to be discussed with Reps and actions set for Students’ Union Officers to work on.

  • Write a yearly transport report to be shared with students, the University, Brighton and Hove Buses and other relevant authorities. This report will outline the issues students have when traveling to campus, and suggest ways services can be improved.

Hunt Saboteurs Union meeting, 1979 Barbaric blood sports are still prevalent in this country; the failure of Parliament to legislate against blood sports. Humans do not have the right to treat animals brutally particularly when this treatment is supposed to be “sport”: just because animals cannot communicate with us that does not entitle us to be able to threat them as we choose. The Union resolved to campaign actively for the abolition of all blood sports, and to support the Hunt Saboteurs at Sussex University. This is current Union policy (Union Council, November 2015) Autumn 2018