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Students' Union Policies

Sometimes, students at Sussex decide they want to get something done, and they make a proposal to the Union to be considered and voted on. This can then become a Policy which outlines the stance the Union has or actions it will take on a particular issue. Any student can submit a policy for consideration, and they may also originate from legal requirement. You can view a full guide to Students' Union policies, including how to make, amend and lapse policy in the Students' Union Policy Guide

Operational policies

Our operational policies outline how the Students' Union will go about its business.

Ethical & environmental policy »

Alcohol policy »

Equality & diversity policy »

Safer space policy »

Mental health, well-being and stress management policy »

Sexual Violence Policy »

Gender inclusive language policy »

NUS no platform policy »

Conflict of interest policy »

Tender policy »

Safeguarding policy »

Policy on Campaigning Activity»

Volunteering policy »

Volunteer confidentiality policy »

Campaigning Policies

Our campaigning policies outline what the Students' Union believes and what it wants to change in the Union, University, and wider world. You can view all the policies and progress on them on the Campaigning Policy Progress Tracker

Policies about the University »

Policies about the Students' Union »

Policies on local issues »

Policies on national issues »

Policies on international issues »

Lapsed policies (for reference) »

Code of Conduct

The Students’ Union has a safer spaces & good conduct policy which seeks to enable equal participation by challenging oppressive and discriminatory behaviour.

External Speaker Procedure »

We also have a bullying and harassment policy and disability statement.


If you have witnessed or are informed of an incident which you feel may be considered misconduct by a Union member, we have a student discipline procedure to deal with your concerns or you can use the University's discipline procedure.

Support & Advocacy Service Policies

Details of the service standards you should expect from the Support and Advocacy team and occasions where support may have to be withdrawn.

S&A Refusal & withdrawal of service »

S&A Service standards »

S&A Confidentiality »

S&A Conflict of interest »