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What do Part-time Officers do?

Part-time officers hold unpaid elected positions, which take a far smaller time commitment than full-time positions.

Each position has a specific portfolio (area of responsibility), and it is the responsibility of each officer to promote that portfolio in the activities of the Students' Union. Part-time officers continue with their studies during their time in office.

The role’s time commitment varies according to how much students wish to commit, as an estimate, it could be anywhere from one to five hours a week. 

There are five Part-time Officer roles:

  • Ethnic Minority Students Officer
  • Students with Disabilities Officer
  • LGBTQ+ Students Officer
  • Women Students Officer
  • Trans and Non-Binary Students Officer

You can read the role descicption for these posts here: Part-Time Officer Role Description. You can do this role on your own, or in a Role Share with someone else. 

Who can be a Part-time Officer?

Any student who will still be a student during the following academic year can put themself forward as a candidate. You (or both of you, if running as a Role Share) must identify as a member of a group to represent them, e.g. only students who define themselves as women can nominate themselves for the Women Students Officer role.

All students can vote for the Part-time Officers.

What support do the Part-time Officers get?

Part-time Officers have an induction programme to help them learn about the Union and their role. There are opportunities for additional training throughout the year.

Part-time Officers work with Students' Union staff and officers on relevant projects.

Each Part-time Officer has a member of staff as a point of contact and coach to help them acheive their manifesto goals.

All the roles have great opportunities to learn and develop skills, work with enthusiastic peers and change life at the University for the better.

We reimburse travel and childcare expenses incurred by our volunteers including elected officers (subject to our policies).