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You are eligible to nominate yourself to become an elected officer or representative as long as you are currently registered at the University of Sussex or Brighton & Sussex Medical School.

Students studying at any level, in any year can nominate themselves.

There are some roles where there are more specific criteria, e.g. only women students can nominate themselves as the Women Students' Representative.

If you're not sure if you're eligible you can check our membership details which outline who our members are and their eligibility to nominate themselves and vote in our elections.

Full-time Officer positions

There are some groups of students for whom becoming a Full-time Elected Officer may appear more complicated as this is a full-time paid position which you can't hold while you're studying.

Students part-way through a course

If you’re not going to complete your course at Sussex this year (i.e. you’re not in your final year), you can still put yourself forward to be Full-time Officer - as long as you are an eligible student.

If you are successfully elected, you will need to apply to suspend your course - known within the University as intermission. In order to “intermit” you will need to complete and pass this academic year and put in a request to intermit by the end of July to your Director of Student Support. For further advice about the intermission process speak to a Student Life Adviser.

If you win the Full-time Officer election and you intermit it means your course will be put on hold for one academic year, i.e. you'd be a Full-time Officer from July to the end of June the following year then return to complete your course in October.

Students about to complete a course

If you’re an eligible student currently in your final year, you can put yourself forward to be a Full-time Officer for for the next academic year.

If you are successfully elected, you will be able to complete your degree on schedule as Full-time Officers don't take up office until July.

During your year in office you will have access to most University facilities such as the library. Although you will be a member of the Students' Union, for many purposes you will be regarded as an employee, for example you will no longer get student exemption from council tax, and banks etc may not regard you as a student.

Taught postgraduate students

If you are elected as a Full-time Officer you may choose to intermit (temporarily withdraw) from your studies. We strongly recommend you talk to a Student Life Advisor from the Student Life Centre for further information about this before deciding to nominate yourself as a candidate.

It is possible to complete your dissertation over the summer of your year in office as we provide paid study leave and may be able to be flexible about your working hours. You should speak to a member of Students' Union staff if this is something you're interested in.

Postgraduate researchers

If you are elected as a Full-time Officer it is most likely you'll need to intermit (temporarily withdraw) from your studies. We strongly recommend that you discuss this with your supervisor before standing for election as approval for intermission is granted at the discretion of your school's Director of Doctoral Studies. 

Overseas students (international & EEA)

If you are an international student and need to have immigration permission to study in the UK you can still be a Full-time Officer.

The UK Government confirm this on their Tier 4 general visa webpages.

You can read the UK Government's guidance notes [pdf] to confirm whether you will need to apply to extend your stay or ensure the University (as your sponsor) are notified.

We strongly advise that you contact the University’s International & Study Abroad Office for further information. They can also help you extend your stay as a Tier 4 student if you need to do this. www.sussex.ac.uk/international - international@sussex.ac.uk - +44 (0)1273 678422

Part-time students

All registered part-time students of the University are members of the Students' Union and can stand to be elected, including distant learning students, but excluding occasional students and students on programmes validated by the University.