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Here are our trial dates for BUCS clubs:

Thursday 26th September datesFriday 27th September dates

Saturday 28th September datesSunday 29th September dates


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Password: Sussex

Sport enquiries

Activities Officer - activities@sussexstudent.com

Activities Manager - sarah.h@sussexstudent.com

Sports Coordinator - clara.o@sussexstudent.com

Sports Reps

Sports Reps is a student-led committee that makes decisions on issues affecting sports clubs, allocation of funding, sports discipline and sports club trips & events. Any student is welcome to attend though only committee members can vote. Each sports team is allocated a rep to help them with funding applications or any issues that arise. 

You can contact the Sports Reps via their email during term times.

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The committee grants funding from the Sports Reps Fund. Deadline for application is TBC once term 1 begins.

There is a pot of £10,000 for all sports clubs

Use the form below to apply for all of these pots of money 

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Who are the 2019/20 Sports Reps

Sports Reps are elected at the end of the academic year (only students with a sports membership can vote in the election), anyone who has a membership for a sports club can nominate themselves to be a sports rep. The student committee consists of the following positions:

8 x Elected sports reps

Activities Officer (Chair)

2 x Sussex Sport seat (non-voting)

2 x Union Sports staff (non-voting)

The committee meet once a week (Monday 11am - 1pm term time only).