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Union Council

The Students' Union is run for students, by students and is chaired by a student. Union Council is the highest decision making body of the Union, other than Members' Meetings and Referenda, and is made up from student representatives elected from and by the student body. It meets once a month in term time and works to ensure the Students' Union is doing what students want. 

At the Students' Union, Officers are elected by students to run the Union, provide services for students and represent them in their dealings with the University, and to campaign on issues affecting students at Sussex. Union Councillors are students elected from across the University who ensure that Officers are working towards what they set out to do in their manifestos, and to influence the work of the Officers to ensure they reflect the needs of the student body. Councillors also scrutinise decisions made in Union Committees, and oversee the enforcement and implementation of the Rules and Students' Union policies.

Any decision made in a Union committee can be questioned informally by Union members. A list of decisions is presented to Council for note, and any student can formally petition Council to consider a decision that has been made, or ask a member of Council to ask for the decision to be discussed at a Council meeting.

It is open for students to bring a petition to Council, or to ask their Council representatives to raise a proposal that officers carry out something or change an existing policy or practice, or take up a campaign on behalf of a group of students.  This can be done by approaching Officers directly or through Union Councillors. 

Any student is welcome to attend Council meetings but only Council members can vote.

The dates for upcoming Council meetings are as follows:

Monday, 4th November 2019 

Monday, 2nd December 2019 

Monday, 3rd February 2020 

Monday, 2nd March 2020 

April TBC 

May TBC 

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Committee meeting schedule

Council members

Full-time Officers

Activities Officer - Becky Doran

Email: activities@sussexstudent.com

Welfare Officer - Niina Hallberg

Email: welfare@sussexstudent.com

Undergraduate Education Officer - Chris Harding

Email: ugeducation@sussexstudent.com

President - Filip Vasilijevic

Email: president@sussexstudent.com

Postgraduate Education Officer - Benjamin Matthews 

Email: pgeducation@sussexstudent.com

Society & Citizenship Officer - Ijlal Khalid

Email: societycitizenship@sussexstudent.com

Part-time Officers

Ethnic Minority Students Officer - Aditi Srivastava

Email: ethnicminoritystudents@sussexstudent.com

LGBTQ+ Students Officer - Shreya Murali

Email: lgbtqstudents@sussexstudent.com

Students with Disabilities Officer - Callum Chapman

Email: studentswithdisabilities@sussexstudent.com

Women Students Officer - Sarah Osborne

Email: womenstudents@sussexstudent.com

Trans and Non-Binary Part-Time Officer - Vacant

Email: transnonbinary@sussexstudent.com



International Students Representative - "The Union"

Email: internationalstudents@sussexstudent.com


Mature Students Representative - Chris Woodgates

Email: maturestudents@sussexstudent.com


Part-time Students Representative - Martha Bamford

Email: parttimestudents@sussexstudent.com


Student Parents Representative - Rika Safrina

Email: studentparents@sussexstudent.com


First Generation Scholars Representative - Feven Damtew

Email: firstgenerationscholars@sussexstudent.com 



School Councillors are Student Reps who are elected by the school reps to sit as members of Council.

Business Management and Economics: Callum Hogan and  Anthony Mirto
Law, Politics and Sociology:  Adam Carroll and  Ammar Cheema
English:  Sophie Bailey and  Jordi Carter
Psychology: Tara Noorbakhsh
Media, Film and Music: TBC
History, Art History and Philosophy:  Talia Fogelman and  Helena Sanyal
Life Sciences: Filip Vasilijevic and  Celine Alami
Engineering and Informatics:  Ben (Jonathon) Morris and  Matthew Woods
Maths and Physical Sciences:  Matthew Pirrie and  Alex Bristow
Global Studies:  Michael Mulheran and  Niamh Sullivan
Brighton and Sussex Medical School: TBC
Education and Social Work: Sam Manton
Foundation:  Katie Jones

Postgraduate Sciences: Peter Overbury and  Janice Ch NG
Postgraduate Social Sciences:  Niina Hallberg and Afreen Begum
Postgraduate Arts and Humanities:  Yaron Ash and Priyadarshini Mukherjee

Sports:  Lucy Edwards and  Rachel Morrison
Societies: Peter Anson and Jonathan Busby