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Student Campaigns

The Students’ Union exists to represent students’ interests both within the University and the wider community and campaigns on relevant local, national and international issues. We want to support students in creating the change they want to see. This is why we encourage autonomous student-led campaigning. We support students to campaign on issues that affect them through providing advice, resources and access to funding. 

What is a campaign? 

Campaigning is about mobilising people and power in order to achieve change. Campaigns often organise collective actions and events in order to highlight and challenge an issue in society. A campaign is not just about raising awareness, it is about making a tangible change to policy, law, practice or behaviour.

Sussex student campaigns:

Sussex is your community so you are in the best position to notice what needs to change. 

Students have power and the ability to make a difference whether that is on campus, locally or nationally, from academic issues to environmental and social justice. Joining or starting a campaign is also a great way to meet new people as well as to learn and strengthen a wide range of skills. 

Sussex students are currently running campaigns on a variety of issues:

Sweatshop Free Sussex - aiming to persuade the university to join Electronics Watch and to raise awareness of workers’ rights abuses in the electronics industry.

Ecosia on Campus - Campaigning to make Ecosia the default search engine for the University of Sussex and convince Sussex students to switch to Ecosia

Decolonise Sussex - raising awareness of and challenge the complex and varied legacies of racism, imperialism and colonialism within all spheres of our university. Decolonise Sussex aim to ensure and lobby that the university of Sussex is aware of and actively dismantling structural inequalities rather than perpetuating them.

Late Again B&H - lobbying B&H buses to tackle the punctuality, frequency and capacity of bus routes to the University.

Access Sussex - campaigning to enable all students to access the University of Sussex campus by ensuring that students with disabilities (visible or invisible) do not face discrimination and raising awareness amongst all students and staff about disability and the issues and access requirements students face in their everyday life at Sussex. 

Plastic-Free Sussex - lobbying both the Students' Union and the University of Sussex to commit to eliminating unnecessary single-use plastics.

Youth Strike for Climate Brighton - aiming responding to the current climate crisis, by raising awareness on the urgency of the issue and the disproportionate impact it is having on young people, and people in the Global South. We aim to connect this global issue with everyday lives of people, including Sussex students.

Under the Sheetspromoting education to students on sexual and emotional well-being at Sussex. 

Free Bus Sussex -  campaigning to get Sussex University to provide free buses to and from campus for Sussex students.

Living Wage Campaign - campaigning to ensure students can work and study without extra financial stress and receive fair wages.

Safe Nights - campaigning to improve students' safety on nights out in Brighton as well as on campus.


Sussex Student Campaigns achievements

Sussex has a long-standing history of student campaigning and activism. In the past, Sussex students have achieved small and big changes on campus and beyond.

Get involved

Is there something you'd like to see changed at Sussex? Don't keep it to yourself. Chances are other students are frustrated by the same thing and would like to see it changed too. Come talk to us, we'd love to help you connect with like-minded people and provide you with advice. or come and find us in the Campaigns and Representation office (Falmer House, first floor)

We can also help you take your campaign further by helping you become a union-recognised campaign which will enable you to have access to more support including staff support, access to our campaign fund and other resources.


Roxane Lavanchy
Email: campaignsadmin@sussexstudent.com
Campaigns and Representation office (Falmer House, first floor)

Student Campaigns Toolkit »

Visit our campaigns toolkit for more resources including how to start and build an effective campaign and how becoming a union-recognised campaign. 

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If there is something you’d like to see changed here at Sussex, don’t be afraid to pursue your idea because it’s likely that there is going to be other people interested in that as well. Speak to your friends, other societies and whether your idea is big or small the SU will help you make it happen.” (Fred, Ecosia on Campus)