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Union campaigns

Campaigns currently being run by the Students' Union:

I Heart Consent - To educate Sussex students about sexual consent.

Degrees, not Fees - To work towards the abolition of Tuition fees

Decolonize Education - To empower all students through an education that recognises all knowledge as equally valid, undermines society’s inequalities, and brings students to an awareness required to be leaders in driving necessary change.

Student-Led Campaigns

Union-recognised student campaigning groups:

Fossil Free Sussex - To persuade the University to divest from fossil fuels and establish an ethical investment policy.

Sweatshop Free Sussex - Sweatshop Free Sussex aims to persuade the university to join Electronics Watch and to raise awareness of workers’ rights abuses in the electronics industry.

Sussex on Ecosia - To make Ecosia the default search engine for Sussex University

Get involved

Do you have a passion for protesting? Do you want to take part in collective campaigning to make real change? Do you want to make some pals while making a positive impact? 

Do you just hate injustice? 

Sussex Students’ Union run campaigns with and for students, to make lasting positive impact to your experiences at Sussex. Students are key in driving forward the campaigns that we support, by helping us to shape and deliver our campaigns in the best way for students.

So if you’re passionate about doing the right thing, or if you just want to help out a bit and get that warm fuzzy feeling, here are a number of ways that you can get involved with making change!

Join a Union campaign team »

Suggest a Union campaign or idea »

Organise your own campaign »


If you’re planning on running any campaigning events or activities, please use our accessibility checklist to make sure your event is as inclusive as possible.

No upcoming events.

Campaign News

Students’ Union campaign TEF OFF launched against rising tuition fees and debt

The Students’ Union has launched its’ latest campaign against rising tuition fees under the Higher Education Bill and the implementation of the Teaching Excellence Framework, TEF, linking excellence teaching to higher fees, determined by inaccurate metrics.

Have your say on Exceptional Circumstances

We would like to hear from students who have submitted, or have considered submitting, an Exceptional Circumstances claim (formerly known as Mitigating Evidence) in the last two academic years.

Challenging stigma around mental health at Sussex and BSMS

To coincide with Time to Change's Time to Talk day on Thursday February 4th 2016, the Students' Union is publishing findings from last year's student mental health and well-being survey.

An open letter to the University of Sussex's working group on ethical investment

As public figures, staff members and alumni of the University of Sussex, we are proud to support a world-leading institution, renowned for its constructive engagement with social and political issues and its leading profile on sustainability research.