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Lulah Strathearn Brady

Undergraduate Education
Ella Asheri

The Undergraduate Education Officer represents the undergraduate student body in their education needs and progression, supporting academic representatives and acting for improvement with regard to learning and teaching.

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Undergrad News

Farewell from the 2016-17 Full-time Officers
Officer team 16/17

As our term as a full-time officer team is coming to an end, we have reflected on the work we have done together.

Statement on increasing fees for Home and EU students at the University of Sussex

As a Students’ Union we would like to reaffirm our opposition to rising tuition fees, for Home, EU and non-EU International students here at the University of Sussex. We welcome the increased transparency of the University of Sussex in showing more clearly how our tuition fees are spent but ask for greater transparency in how international student fees are set and spent.

Students graduating with non-academic debt

We are very pleased to announce that students completing their studies with less than £500 of non-academic debt will able to graduate without any problem. In previous years students who had accumulated any amount of debt would have been handed a letter rather than a certificate at graduation. This was a completely unfair practice and should not have been occurring on a day reserved to celebrate the successes and accomplishments of Sussex students.