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Lulah Strathearn Brady

Undergraduate Education
Lulah Strathearn Brady

The Undergraduate Education Officer represents the undergraduate student body in their education needs and progression, supporting academic representatives and acting for improvement with regard to learning and teaching.

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Lulah's manifesto:

Viva La Revolulahtion


I’m passionate about making education more accessible, progressive and exciting for Sussex students. In an increasingly marketised system of higher education nationwide, student unions face an uphill battle to ensure that our voices are heard, and that we are seen as people rather than monetary sums. I'm already well acquainted with how the Students’ Union and University work at an institutional level, as I work very closely with current officers, students and staff in my roles as; Student Representative, Union Counsellor, and Chair Representative for MFM.


I will ensure that the university upholds its duty of care to students. I will work to make campus more accessible for disabled students, demand a university wide procedure to compensate students for cancelled teaching hours, and campaign with the students union against PREVENT. I will ensure that the Exceptional Circumstances and Reasonable Adjustments procedures are improved, including the appointment of a disability expert to the deciding panels. I also want to make Lecture Recordings more widely available, by working with Academics, Students and the University in order to find a fair, reasonable and mutually agreeable solution to current conflicts over academic rights and lecture capture, in order that students have a more comprehensive access to their education.

I want to ensure assessments are scheduled and marked fairly and quickly – including insisting that more assessments are double-marked, in order to lessen the subjective impact of single marking, ensuring that students have no more than one assessed piece of work on any given day, and removing the unfair 40% cap on resits.


I will campaign for B&H buses to schedule more university buses at no extra cost to students, to lessen student-commuting time and allow students to access lectures without having to wait ridiculous amounts of time for a bus.

I want to create links with the community to provide wider access to education, including starting a program through which some university facilities are made available to the public, with a specific focus on socially and financially marginalised groups, which they can use to apply for positio0ns in further and higher educations, with the assistance of student mentors. I will also establish better links with Brighton Students’ Union and other student bodies in and around Brighton, in order to provide better student experience and foster a more effective student union culture. I also will campaign with current student activism groups for a fairer, safer and more accessible culture of education at Sussex. This will include ensuring university wide implementation of the Gender Liberation Sussex’s pronoun policy, support for the goals of Sussex Cut The Rent, and ensuring the continuation of the Decolonising Education campaign and Free Periods, and collaborating with Free Education Sussex, Fossil Free Sussex and Divest for Palestine.

I will ensure access to better Sexual Health Services on campus- Current services offer only chlamydia and gonorrhoea screenings, given that Brighton’s facilities are already very difficult to access, and many students are a lot more sexually active than the general population, this is a health necessity. I also intend to ensure femidoms are provided to students free of charge, as condoms currently are.



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