Annie PickeringAnnie Pickering

The Students’ Union President is ultimately responsible for the leadership and direction of the Students’ Union, through their role as chair of Students’ Union Executive Committee, Trading Company Board and the Trustee Board. Is responsible for overseeing communication between the Students’ Union and its members, as well as maintaining an overview of all Students’ Union activities.

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ANNIE's manifesto:

International Relations & French Undergraduate

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  • Live theatre, bands and TEDx talks on campus for Fresher’s week and throughout the year

Make more use of the Attenborough centre and Brighton’s music and theatre scene to get great gigs on campus (like there used to be eg. Jimi Hendrix)and/or Sussex student tickets for theatre and gigs in town

Make Sussex campus and students a greater part of the Brighton City Festivals eg. Brighton Festival, Brighton Science Festival and Brighton Fringe

  • Student access to all campus conferences

Ensure there are a minimum number of free student tickets for all academic campus conferences. This already happens for some but it needs to be across the board, and with an easy-to-use system to find out about what’s on and to sign up

  • Careers fair for all disciplines and jobs

Further collaboration across Schools to create a giant careers event for all disciplines

Invite a wider variety of local, national and international organisations from the private, public and non-profit sectors.

  • Events for international students during holidays

Find out what events International students want and ensure adequate information of what can be offered on campus, or if not, what is on offer in Brighton

Better communication and links with the international student office and the SU to promote events and listen to international student views

  • Hand-in day Waterslide

‘Dissertation Splash’ with paddling pools, water balloons, and a water slide on the Library slope for final year hand-in day

  • Ensure a diverse range of speakers on campus

Ensure that a variety of speakers with varying political views are welcomed on campus

  • More affordable and accessible sport

Ensure all students can take part in non-competitive sports at reduced prices to improve student well-being and create a better sense of community

  • Better student venue for formal events, not Mandela hall

Create a link with an in-town hotel venue so that societies can easily organise events at a cheaper cost

  • Free outside piano to play on campus

Upcycle an unused/old piano and put it in a public place such as by the Co-op inside for all to play and listen to

  • Wi-Fi actually across campus

Ensure Wi-Fi does work just as fast outside as inside on all devices


Student Voice

  • More support for Equality and Diversity officers

Offer financial support to all four Equality and Diversity officers

Create a staff role within the SU whose role is to support these officers fulltime

Offer the chance of a job share for these roles

Greater SU and academic promotion of History months

Get Equality and Diversity officers on the relevant university councils/committees- not just the president

  • Further engagement with BSMS, postgraduates & international students

At least monthly meetings with the SU and BSMS

More communication between the BSMS sport teams so that they can train together/play against each other more/share resources

Support the PG Education Officer and the PGA

Better Fresher’s for postgraduates with TEDx talks in bars and coffee mornings

Better communication and links with the international student office and the SU to promote events and listen to international student views

  • Greater representation campus-wide of BME, Disabled, Women & LGBTQ+ students

Providing more support to the Equality and Diversity officers which will help raise issues and the profiles of these groups.

Support the ‘Decolonize our Curriculum’ and campaign also for the de-gendering of our curriculum and academic and university staff

Support and put into practice the current SU petition that “everyone can choose or supply a gender and title option that best represents them”

Demand the creation of anEquality and Diversity Director within the University to foster more academic staff diversity, a review of the diversity of the curriculum and to make the campus accessible for all

  • Ethical investment policy

Champion the Fossil Free Sussex campaign and if current meetings continue not to result in a positive outcome, further action will be taken

  • Student Voice in the new Student Unions’ building and better facilities in Falmer house in the mean time

Continued discussion and negotiation with the University

Fair representation of all student views through focus groups and active engagement with all students

Get a tea urn in Falmer House Common room

New furniture in the common room and meeting rooms

Make the meeting rooms warmer

  • Greater SU transparency

Prime Minister’s Question time style events for all Union Officers throughout the term, not just drop-in sessions with Union officers

Clearer understanding of the roles of the SU staff members

More conversations between students and officers- get the officers out of Falmer House and out and about on campus, for lunch with students and to take part in events

  • Review how The Badger Newspaper works

Work with the student editors to create a clearer, more transparent system of editing to prevent the Badger coming out late

Research the viability of editorial independence for the Badger as a result of last terms survey and student mandate

  • Expand the Nestle and Coca-Cola boycott campus-wide

Work with Sussex Food to stop them selling Nestle and Coca-Cola on campus, in line with existing SU policy

  • Continue to support the Student Rep scheme

Ensure greater voter turnout at Student Rep elections

Ensure better communication between Student Reps across years and schools

Allow Student Reps to take on campaigns such as against tuition fee rises and the decolonise our curriculum campaign

  • Greater community engagement with local residents and Brighton University

Continue and champion the Community Rep scheme

Collaborate with Brighton University for big student events and national campaigns

  • Support the junior doctors in their fight for fair pay and hours

Work with BSMS students to work out what action we want to take



  • Fight against all tuition fee increases

Campaign with NUS and other SUs at a national level

Build a strong campaign against the Green Paper at a local level to link with the national campaign

Ensure the university can show WHY fees need to increase, where will this money go?

Work with the University to ensure International fees do not rise significantly more than inflation rates

  • Campaign for lower letting agency fees

Publish a clear list of the cheapest fees in town

Work with letting agencies to offer fairer agency fees for shared rented houses Work strongly with Solfed to fight against unfair fees and rents

Research the possibility of Student Housing Coops supported by the SU

  • Cheaper buses- Big Lemon on campus

Collaborate with students to work out ticket prices and where the bus should go

Collaborate with Brighton University (who already have the Big Lemon Bus for free)

After consultation, carry out a short-term trial of the Big Lemon on campus to see its popularity

The Big Lemon runs on used cooking oil so is also better for the environment

Aswell, get the £3 Brighton and Hove bus ticket for all students, not just for those with smart phones

Cheaper food on campus

Work with Sussex Food to bring in a lunch deal for under £3.50

Ensure a wider range of affordable vegan options in Sussex Food outlets

  • Affordable campus accommodation

Ensure a strong Student Voice in the University expansion plans for affordable accommodation

Get a guarantee from the university that at least 20% of all new accommodation built is affordable- under £100 per week at current levels

Ensure that on-campus accommodation rents will not rise significantly more than inflation

  • Fight for a continued maintenance grant

Campaign with NUS and other SUs at a national level

Negotiate with the university to offer some replacement here at Sussex

  • Living wage campus-wide

Work with Sussex Food, other contractors and the university to expand the SU’s existing policy of a living wage across campus

President - Annie Pickering

Phone: 01273 873350
Office: Support and Advocacy office, 1st floor, Falmer House

News from the President

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The University and the Students' Union are working together to better understand the issues with local bus services.

Statement on increasing fees for Home and EU students at the University of Sussex

As a Students’ Union we would like to reaffirm our opposition to rising tuition fees, for Home, EU and non-EU International students here at the University of Sussex. We welcome the increased transparency of the University of Sussex in showing more clearly how our tuition fees are spent but ask for greater transparency in how international student fees are set and spent.

Make Change Happen 2017

At Sussex, we are a part of a rich legacy of pioneering social justice work, of students and faculty standing up for a better world. This is a place where we don't just talk about wanting to make change happen. In the last few years, our community of students and faculty have come together many times, to unite against sexual violence, to protest campus privatisations, and to demonstrate solidarity with students in danger of deportation.