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Frida Gustafsson

Frida Gustafsson

The President is ultimately responsible for the leadership and direction of the Students’ Union, through their role as chair of Students’ Union Executive Committee, Trading Company Board and the Trustee Board.

They are also responsible for overseeing communication between the Students’ Union and its members, as well as maintaining an overview of all Students’ Union activities.

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Frida's manifesto:

Books, Buses and a Better Union!


As your president, I will  focus on issues relevant to every student, and improve the quality and affordability of student life. I want to  reduce the costs connected with studying, lessen commuting difficulties, and make the Students’ Union more responsive and relevant. I will create more space on campus to eat, study and chill, and establish a University wide platform to buy and sell second hand course books, keep bus prices down, and make night services affordable, and ensure the Union does what it says it does and focus on making the life of every student better. As your President, I will work to  focus the Union on issues relevant to the everyday life of students, which beyond these points are… well, you tell me.  I want to work on issues relevant to YOU. I want to  make it easier for students to make sure that all officers elected are held to fulfill the manifestos they’re elected on. This way, the Union can be sure to achieve real change for students. I want the Union to routinely consult focus groups, and survey the student body, rewarding each participating student with a food voucher. I want to make sure that the Badger team is  well funded and trained, and working independently from Union supervision. This includes paying the Badger editor. Students are paying more and more in tuition fees, and as your president I will work to do everything I can do keep the fees from rising.  Education should be free.


I want to make sure there are  more spaces on campus to eat, study, and recharge and make sure students can eat in group study areas in the library. We’re tired of sneaking food into a crammed library and tired of running to the bus only to see our phones have died. I want to make sure campus has the facilities necessary for student life. I want to  establish a University wide platform where you can sell and buy second hand books at affordable prices from student to student, it’s both enivronmentally and economically friendly. I also want to make University IT and WiFi function like it should. Study Direct cannot shut down every time there’s a major hand-in date, and  eduroam needs to reach into all lecture theaters.

I want to  extend the Sussex Lettings, the Union’s own lettings firm, and  extend the guarantor scheme that allows the University to stand as guarantor for students. It shouldn’t kill us to try and find somewhere to live and it should be easier and cheaper to find accommodation in town.  Laundettes on campus should be made free for first years or student halls should have washing machines provided.


I worked to restart the Take Care Scheme which allows students to get home if they’ve lost their wallet by showing their student card to a taxi driver. I want to  :extend this scheme to include buses, and make sure students have safer nights out. I want to  make sure that all lecture theatres and the library is wheelchair accessible and extend the University's support for students with disabilities as well as work to  ensure light and sound adjustments for more rooms on campus. The counselling service on campus is severely underfunded, and waiting times for counselling far too long. Students in need of help needs to be able to get help quickly, so I will  shorten the waiting times for counselling services.

Societies and clubs are the life and blood of the Union, and I want to make sure they have the funding and support they need by  increasing Union funding for sports clubs and societies. Hold a great hand-in day celebration for all schools and departments. I will make sure the hand-in date celebrations are frikkin’ lit by  holding a hand-in day celebration for all schools and departments. As not all departments have their dissertation hand-in day on the same day, I will make sure there are more than one hand-in celebration over the course of the year.

I want the SU to actively take on a policy to work to reduce costs for bus tickets, have less crammed buses, and  look into establishing a Lemon Bus Route such as the one to Brighton Uni to allow students to get to campus for free. Cycling is one of the most affordable and environmentally friendly ways to commute, and I want to make sure as many students as possible can cycle to campus by ensuring that students can get a hold of bikes cheaply and introduce more bike racks on campus.



President News

Responses to Prevent Consultation

On the 22nd of September the University invited students to attend a consultation on the proposed implementation of the Governments' divisive Prevent agenda for external speakers on campus. The Students’ Union have already condemned Prevent in the past, and vocally opposed it once more during this consultation.

They want to raise tuition fees again?

On Tuesday 6th September it was agreed by the universities watchdog that universities, including Sussex, can raise their fees to £9,250 from 2017/18 onwards.

Welcome To The New Officer Team!

Over the past two weeks, The Students’ union has seen a changeover of the full-time elected officers. Four new faces have taken over the officer roles of Welfare, Undergraduate Education, Activities and President following the departure of Rianna, Bethan, Abe and Lyndsay.


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