Adele DuvilliersAdèle Duvillier
Activities Officer

The Activities Officer represents students in matters relating to active involvement within the Students’ Union and its sport, volunteering and other student-led activities.

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Activities Officer

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Last post 09 May 2016

ADÈLE's manifesto:

Rumour has it, Adèle for Activities!?

International relations 3rd year, ex-women’s football social sec, language leader (language café), president & founder of Coexist Sussex

Cooperation, diversity & inclusivity! 

  • Devoting time to both sports and societies fairly
  • Meeting with every sport club and society committees (group meetings) once a term to talk about what their objectives are and how to achieve them
  • Improving inter-sport and society relationships and events


  • Organising socials for sport and society committees so that everyone gets to know each other; it would make it easier to organise joint events (socials or fundraisers)
  • Creating an information network on social media so that clubs and societies can collaborate more easily (e.g. the politics society wants to organise an event on the refugee crisis, they advertise their project on the social network, the Model United Nation society also wants to organise an event on the refugee crisis, they contact the politics society to organise a joint event on the refugee crisis. Same goes for fundraising events.)
  • Create an online platform to make it easier for sports clubs and societies to apply for funding, sort out social kit (unified social and sports kit for everyone), get money back and book rooms
  • Involving international students more in sports and societies and the university life in general
  • Adding an international student sports rep alongside the other sports reps and opening an international student society rep position
  • Working more closely with the International Student Support Office
  • Opening fresher’s fair half an hour early for international students
  • Increasing cooperation between clubs, societies, Active US and the buddy scheme
  • Developing the language café: new location with better acoustics, splitting people into different level groups so that everyone can learn a language at their own pace, more cooperation with language students!

Activities Officer - Adèle Duvillier

Office: Activities Centre, 1st floor, Falmer House

News from the Activities Officer

International Students Freshers Feedback

To ensure that we are providing the best kind of freshers experience for international students, we have created a short survey to let you have your say - it only takes a few moments and all comments and feedback are massively appreciated.

Statement on the EU referendum outcome

The Students’ Union Executive are disappointed with the result of the European Union referendum which saw the ‘Leave’ campaign win with 52% of the vote. We must not be disheartened by this result but should instead take it as an opportunity to recognise that we, as students, should take an active role in shaping our future through engagement in politics. We mustn’t miss the chance to bring people together and have our voices heard.

Do a Dissertation for Good at Sussex

Sussex students can now partner with organisations to collaborate on dissertations into economic, social and environmental sustainability.