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Lucy Williams

Activities Officer
Lucy Williams

The Activities Officer represents students in matters relating to active involvement within the Students’ Union and its sport, volunteering and other student-led activities.

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Lucy's manifesto:

Stepping up the game for Activities!


I believe for too long activities haven't been focused enough on the wants and needs of our clubs, societies and student media. I will  drastically improve Freshers Week & Varsity, increase much-needed funding for clubs, societies & media (including getting the uni to purchase minibuses). As your officer, I will commit to being  approachable, transparent and accountable. I will work to make Sussex a place for everyone!


Sussex is in desperate need of bigger and better events during Freshers Week, and what better way than with an all day festival featuring big name acts as well as showcasing and celebrating some of Sussex's very own talent. For some people however, a big festival with lots of people may seem really daunting – I will also work to create several smaller and more chilled events. Let's really support our teams and promote Varsity, to make it one of the highlights of the year! I would also love to see  our various dance societies represented at Varsity. Create a varsity themed inter-hall sports day during Freshers Week encouraging freshers to get involved with the wide variety of activities on offer at Sussex and to get to know everyone in their residence as they battle other halls! Let's celebrate all your hard work with a  FREE fun fair, water slide and BBQ for all finalists on dissertation hand-in day.

Currently our sports teams and societies are having to arrange private travel to get to fixtures and events. I will  lobby the university to purchase minibuses, which will benefit Sussex students for years to come! I will create a centralised part of the Union's website where sports clubs can purchase their kits at a much more affordable rate, getting rid of excessive delivery charges that some clubs and societies have had to pay out of their own pocket. I will work to make sure that kit is delivered within a reasonable time and  increase funding for desperately needed new equipment for both clubs and societies. I will also make room booking an easier process for clubs and societies and provide  discounted gym membership for all sport societies’ members.

I will work closely to : build community-wide partnerships to increase disability sport provision, making Sussex a place for everyone.

All student media outlets, including The Badger should be a  platform for lively, but respectful debate from and for students of all backgrounds and opinions.

I will support the re-launch of RE:CYCLE Bike Co-Op, which will allow students access to £20 per term bike hire and get more bike racks on campus.



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