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Becky Doran

Activities Officer
Becky Doran

The Activities Officer represents students in matters relating to active involvement within the Students’ Union and its sport, volunteering and other student-led activities.


Activities News

What I’ve done this week (please help me come up with a better name)

Fri 26 Oct 2018

Hello and welcome, here's what i did this week…

What on earth is being a Trustee of the Students Union?

Mon 22 Oct 2018

board of trustees

My aim in writing this is to get more students aware of what goes on in the SU, more students thinking about how we can make it better and ultimately shine a light on an important part of being an Officer.

Officers Out There!

Wed 10 Oct 2018

Yesterday I spend time walking around campus chatting to students about what issues they face here at Sussex & living in Brighton. Here are some of the things that were mentioned..