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Sussex and BSMS students are our members

All registered students at the University of Sussex and Brighton & Sussex Medical School (BSMS) are members of the Students’ Union.

Our members influence what the Students’ Union does by voting in our elections, providing feedback on our services, taking part in meetings and more.

Non-students can also become Associate Members of the Students' Union.

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What the Students' Union does

How the Students' Union operates


Articles of Association


What the Students' Union does

The University of Sussex Students' Union aims to make the lives of its members better by providing opportunities such as sports clubs and societies, advice and support services on academic issues and student-friendly shops and bars on campus.

The Students’ Union exists to represent students’ interests both within the University and the wider community and campaigns on relevant local, national and international issues.

The Students’ Union is a charitable organisation and its direction is democratically determined by its members, the University’s students. We carry out research to find out what students think of us and to assist in our campaigning and lobbying.

As well as representation, the Students’ Union provides a variety of services to help students through university life, including academic advice, sports clubs, student media, social, cultural and political societies, commercial services such as bars and shops plus our very own lettings agency.

Plans for this year

Each year we create an annual plan which outlines the key projects the Union will lead. 

These projects are led by the Union's Full-time Officers and come from their manifestos.

How the Students' Union operates

The Students’ Union is run by six elected full-time officers who are either recent graduates from Sussex or BSMS or taking a year out from their studies.

They are elected every year by students to make sure that we’re doing what out members want.

We also have a number of elected part-time officers and reps on a range of committees who make decisions on behalf of students.

We have around 2000 volunteers in a variety of roles such as society committee chairs, student reps and Badger newspaper writers.

We also have 20-30 full-time staff and almost 200 students who work for us to support the activities of our elected officers and keep our services running.

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As a charity, our activities are overseen by a board of trustees.

There are three types of trustee: the six Full-time Officers, elected students and appointed trustees.

The student trustees for 2018/19 are Clement, Sarah Cluskey and Sandhya Rawat

The appointed trustees for 2018/19 are: Lindsay Thomas,  Aishnine Benjamin and Jean-Luc Bressard

To contact the trustees please contact Paul Newton, Chief Executive of the Students' Union at paul.n@sussexstudent.com

Articles of Association

The Students' Union has the legal status of a company limited by guarantee. It is also a Registered Charity.

Our company number is 07695765 and our Charity Commission registration number is 1147242.

Our Articles of Association (sometimes referred to as our constitution) outline how we operate and what our purpose is. They form a legal document that outlines the purpose and rules of the Students' Union. The Students' Union can only operate within the guidelines that the Articles set out.

They cover the following areas:

  • Membership, complaints and discipline
  • Members' Meetings, referenda and policy
  • The Trustees
  • Union Council and committees
  • Elections
  • Clubs, societies, representative groups, and media
  • Commercial services, finance and staffing

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Union 'Rules' provide more detail about how the Union operates. Unlike the Articles, they can be simply changed by a decision of Union Council backed by the Trustees, provided the Union remains within the Articles.

You can view the rules here