We're here to help

We hope you have a great time at University but we can help out if you need it

Help with
academic issues

We provide support and advocacy for students facing academic misconduct proceedings.

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We can help you appeal your assessment and exam results or University decisions.

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Have a look here for information about what you can do if health or personal circumstances are likely to affect your academic performance.

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Complaints against the University

If you feel dissatisfied about some aspect of your dealings with the University we can provide support and advocacy.

Perhaps you feel unhappy with the level of teaching & support on your course, have received an unsatisfactory standard or service from a particular office or department, or feel you were treated inappropriately by a University staff member. We can help.

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Help if you're facing disciplinary action

The University may take disciplinary action against you if they feel you have broken university rules.

If you are contacted by the University about potential disciplinary issues then please get in touch to discuss your individual circumstances.

We can talk through your options, advise on the process and if possible attend any meetings or panels with you.

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We're independent from the University

If you talk to us about a problem with the University we'll keep it confidential unless it appears there is a risk of harm to you or another person.

Contact our support & advocacy team

If you’re not sure if we can help, please contact us anyway - we will know who at the university can help you!


01273 877038

Visit us on the first floor of Falmer House

Other people who can help

The University's Student Life Centre can help with a range of issues including funding, health and directing you to other University services.

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Student parents

We have a family room that student parents can book to use with their children free of charge.

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We also have a mailing list for updates about issues affecting student parents and events you can take part in with your children.

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Students that run sports clubs & societies

We provide information, support and resources for students that run our sports clubs and societies.

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Report hate crimes at the Students' Union

Student Voice Advocate Kathy O'Regan and Students' Union Officers Dan Greenberg, Rianna Gargiulo, Bethan Hunt and Lyndsay Burtonshaw are all now trained in taking police reports for hate crimes.

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Safe space

We want everyone to be safe and able to take part in our activities.

We have a number of policies that contribute to this:

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Equality & diversity policy »

Zero tolerance policy »

Mental health & wellbeing policy »

Guidelines for participation »

Policy against sexual violence »

No platform policy/policy against racism »

Policy against the inequality of women »

In addition we also have a bullying and harassment policy and disability statement.