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SCOOP (Sussex Co-op)


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Scoop was born out of a desire to eat healthy, ethically grown foods which weren’t too expensive. We also wanted to change the way that people buy and consume food. Going direct to the producer cuts out the middleman along the way and gives a more direct relationship to the food we eat. We think that building links with the people that grow our food is important and we want you to get involved too.

Scoop will be at the market on Library Square every Tuesday from 11-3pm.

Come along for cheap and healthy food. Please bring your own reuseable containers if you can.

And if you would like to help run it please come along to one of our weekly meetings

Pricelist -

A group of us have come together to launch a food cooperative that buys wholefoods (such as rice, pulses and nuts) in bulk and sells them on at the weekly Tuesday market on campus.

The enterprise is run as a cooperative, with members helping to run the project. People involved learn how to operate as a collective, develop skills and be part of something revolutionary in terms of changing the way we see consumption and the food we eat.

We are looking for more people to be a part of it, either as a volunteer or in a more limited capacity.

If you would like to be involved, join this group and look out for more information coming your way and come along to our meetings at the start of term....  

Join our facebook group and follow us on twitter.

Useful Information

Membership: £1


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